wpid-img1390715333928.jpgI had wanted to bring my wife and baby daughter here the day before. However, my baby daughter decided to sleep through the tea break time, so the plan was cancelled. This morning, as soon as she woke up from her morning nap at 11am, we came. JJ Cafe, Ipoh. First of all, for those who does not know, JJ Cafe is related to the extremely famous JJ Swiss Roll in Ipoh. This cafe however is not selling swiss roll which I like. You should diversify your business.
JJ Cafe looks very cozy. It was 1120am when we arrived and we virtually had the whole cafe to us. The few staffs were friendly and I think after a while, the JJ family came and enjoyed themselves to some stuff at a table next to us. Looks like a close knit family. 🙂   I order the latte as usual as well as a Rum Cheesecake as well as a Hazelnut Crepe. Total came to RM27. Acceptable. I have never been to any cafe where I could order RUM CHEESECAKE. The Hazelnut Cafe does not have sufficient hazelnut aroma to it but then again I think it’s tough to have a lot of hazelnut aroma. I rate this, average. The rum cheesecake has sufficient rum taste towards the very end; just nice. The latte, I have to say lacked the sufficient coffee taste that I have grown to like from the many specialty cafes in the market today.
For the latte, there are lots of other cafes. However, you must not miss this cafe because I feel this is indeed a very well thought of cafe. It’s not open at night though perhaps because there are no other shops on the same row which are open at night. If only more of the shops are open, I am very sure JJ Cafe will open in the evening too. Oh yeah, especially recommended for a family of three, with your baby of around 12 months. Your baby would enjoy the crawling on the sofa and the huge teddy bear.
written on 26 Jan 2014
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  1. The big teddy bear melted ur heart.

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