Resident portal for owners, tenants and management offices

doingThis article is a must read for JMCs, Property Management Companies and even Developers who wants to ensure residents benefit from the services of the management office and all the facilities without wasting too much of the residents’ precious time. In fact I would recommend that residents read it to understand why smartphones may be all you need to book your next session at the tennis court.  In fact everything can be done transparently and disputes are minimised as to who booked first. If you like the introduction, do call the number stated. Visit their website here:  Quoting my name does not get additional discounts because… it’s free anyway.
iresidenzMy wife hates to walk from our unit to the management office. Sometimes under the sun and sometimes she would have to wait for her turn if there are other residents there. These days, she asked me to download the necessary forms, fill it up and send it back to the management office. All from the comfort of our own unit and anytime. Come to think of it, I have not been to the management office in my condo for a very long time. I could refer to announcements from the management office via my smartphone. Booking of facilities can be done and confirmed online within minutes. In fact I think if I were to move to another condo, I would want the same kind of resident portal. So, does your condo have one, yet? You can always tell your management office about it.
This is what they have to say.  iResidenz is a web-based resident portal that’s ideal for condominiums, serviced residences, and gated communities. Owners and tenants just need to login to the portal to connect with management office. Getting things done has never been easier. Payments, bookings and everything else can be done at your own comfort & convenience — anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Getting started is a breeze. Once all information is provided to us, we can quickly setup within 3 days. You don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t have to be tech-savvy — it’s just that easy to use. Join over 40 properties using iResidenz for FREE. No deposit. No installation. No hardware. No hidden costs. See if you qualify. Find out more. Happy enjoying what you love best.
written on 21 Jan 2017
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