Ipoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

News about more developments in Ipoh is always a good news to me. Many of my Penangites friend dared not tell me these days that Ipoh is only a Ngar Choy Kai town. I did not punch all of them, merely bringing many of them to Ipoh to taste what food varieties Ipoh has to offer and I would always remember the first time I brought two of them to taste ‘Dry Curry Mee’. Both of them ordered two plates instead of just one plate! This is despite the fact that typical hawker food in Penang is in a smaller portion than Ipoh.
A company based in Ipoh, City Motors Group would be building up to five projects in Ipoh valued at between RM100mil and RM200mil. In the property development world, especially in Iskandar, Greater KL or Iskandar, this is considered small. However, RM100 million in Ipoh is definitely considered above average size. First to be built would be its new headquarter in the city centre and there will be new block of apartments followed by another hotel which meant that this development would be a new landmark in Ipoh.
ipohI love all these new developments but for the developments to be really sustainable, Ipoh needs to be connected to the world. For example, a new regional airport will help tremendously. Many Hong Kong residents would no doubt find Ipoh to be friendly for them due to the local dialect but also extremely affordable for them if they were to fly in for leisure or pleasure. In fact, while many said Malaysia is a top destination for retirement compared to the rest of the world, I would like to say so many of my friends have asked me many times, what do I think of Ipoh as a retirement place. I corrected them, not retirement place. It is a retirement haven. I am just not sure if it will always be this affordable if everyone and anyone starts flocking to Ipoh and causes the property price to also increase faster than its leisure pace currently.
I hope to also carry out a small project for myself in Ipoh perhaps next year. Buying an old secondary property, turn it back into a modern place big enough for my whole family to stay, when we intend to go back to Ipoh in future. I have zero experience in this but I think I have enough friends in the industry to help and the amazing thing is, it’s still considerably cheaper to do it compared to anywhere else. Of course, nowhere is near my heart when it is compared to Ipoh. Cheers.
written on 16th March 2014
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