No, No, my family does not need me to invest in property

I accepted an invitation for a public talk to share about my property investment experience recently. I think the organiser invited me because I do not represent any developer or real estate agency. I was speaking as a full time employee who loves property investment and believes everyone could the same. Someone who believes that property education is key to a vibrant property market and a fulfilling life. Continuous learning is key to successful investment. 
I started my speech by ruffling some feathers I guess. I said, ‘investing and gambling are two very different things.’ If we want quick profits, go gamble. Investment is always long term. Many people nodded their heads. Read here: Why rush? Why not immediate, since you are gambling When I shared about how property prices would always ‘run’ faster than our salary increment, even more nodded their heads in agreement. It’s the truth, there is just no way that salary increments would ever catch up with property price increases. I think many employees understood this fact and is aware that property investment may be the only way they would be able to retire comfortably.
I then shared that it is our responsibility to ensure we have enough investment returns so that we can treat our loved ones better, I think majority nodded their heads. I have heard this reasoning way too many times. “As long as I have my family, I do not need more money.” There is really nothing wrong with this statement BUT it’s best that we pray that none of them would ever fall sick and that our children would get full scholarships all time. Many more real life examples but I hope everyone gets the picture. Money is nothing more than an enabler for many things that we want to do for our family and loved ones. Do not just love them, provide sufficient ‘coverage’ for them during times of need.
Remember, even if it’s not for ourselves, we must still understand how to invest. Too bad, nothing is certain these days and I read online about the potential for a major international bank to cut their number of staffs globally soon. In fact so many in the oil and gas field were retrenched for the past many months. Still do not wish to invest in properties? Then, invest in something else. Remember, doing nothing regardless of the market situation is not considered a strategy. Assuming, we have no loved ones and we love the world, having more funds would allow us to do more for the world. Your loved ones, your family and the world need you. Start investing right, today.
written on 16 Apr 2016
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    Dave Chan

    Hi Sir
    Well said . Everyone is watching status of HSR project and third bridge to Singapore
    David Chan

    1. Thanks Dave.

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