Insider tips, why must it be insider tips?

There are lots of ‘secrets’ in the property market today, am I right to assume so? If there are not a lot of ‘secrets’, why are there so many “insider tips?” I love it when people say more transparency is better than hush-hush behind the bush. I also trust everyone was serious when they say Malaysia must improve on its corruption perception index. Well, if everyone wants transparency as in equality in information and wants others to be transparent, why are there still so many interested with INSIDER TIPS? Secondly, what’s so ‘INSIDER TIPS’ when a Facebook invitation or WhatsAPP invite is sent to everyone who can see it and share it? Third and more importantly, if it’s so INSIDER TIPS, why not just give to the internal staffs because just the internal staffs alone plus their friends and relatives etc would already be enough to sell basically every unit?
Property investment is no different from many other types of investment. The key is learning and understanding. Information is easily available these days. Why not put in more effort to read more about the areas we want to buy? Have we ever driven to areas which we find still cheap but people kept saying it’s jammed? What if those saying it simply has never visited the area before? Are there proposed new MRT stations? Are there new land acquisition deals by prominent developers together with an integrated plan? The more we know about a certain area, the better equipped we are in deciding whether or not to buy. This brings everything down to calculated risk instead of buying into the unknown, like many.
Seriously, if there are real insider information for a certain property development, it should not reach us, the general Malaysian public. There are way too many property gurus in the market out there and if I am a developer, I would give “insider information” only to them because they can easily help me sell majority of all my units. Okay, perhaps the developer is your relative or your close uncle, then perhaps that insider tips or information can be trusted. Please do ask them this question though, ‘How many units are you buying yourself, since it is SO GOOD?’ Their answer would tell you what you should do. Otherwise, understanding what we intend to buy is far better than listening to insider tips which is open to the public. Happy investing or waiting.
written on 5 Feb 2016
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