I just need a RM635 million home. Cool to know.

What do we do if we need a home sweet home? We start viewing, then evaluating and finally buying one. Right? The first time I decided to buy a property, it took me a very long time to decide. The property price? RM123,000. A few years of property investments later, it took me 30 minutes to decide and tt the needed downpayment for a RM183,000 small unit in Kota Kinabalu which I still own today.

I could not afford some luxury cars but my wife’s 6-year old Proton Exora of RM70,000 was a decision decided a night before and bought the very next morning. 6 figure decisions are tough, right? Well, what about 7-figure decisions or 9-figure ones?! Haha. Let’s understand what someone among the richest in the world just bought. In case we are wondering, it’s not even his first property…

Full article in forbes.com . Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has an extensive collection of homes across the country (United States) and he has just added another one. He is the world’s richest man worth US$131 billion (RM542 billion). He had paid for a US$165 million (RM635 million) home in Beverly Hills estate. This is a new record for a Los Angeles-area home according to Wall Street Journal.

The previous residential record set by Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch who paid U$150 million (RM621 million) for the Bel-Air estate used as the Clampett residence in the television show The Beverly Hillbillies. Bezos has a real estate empire. This includes several adjacent condos overlooking madison Square Park in New York City, a nearly 30,000 acre estate in Median, Washington and a massive ranch in west Texas and two properties in Washington, D.C. Please do read the comprehensive Full article in forbes.com

Okay, that’s a very far and rather impossible thing to match. However, we need to learn something important from all these right? First, billionaires will have lots of choices and will be able to decide where to buy (super luxury hotspots, maybe?), what to buy (actually, most of everything) and when to buy (what’s timing???).

Second is the one applicable to most of us. Property is something needed by many of us and loved by everyone else. Who does not love to own a home where he could come home and just laze around anywhere? Or anyone of us prefer to rent the smallest room where we come back and have to watch tv shows on our smartphone inside the room everyday? Happy understanding that it does not need to be a RM635 million property yeah. However, it MUST be a property, somehow.

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