The location less loved by many, perhaps.

Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) is a very long road. According to Wiki, it’s 65km long. Consisting of many other expressways all along and connecting to each other etc. Basically, it’s convenient if you are staying somewhere along the roads as you will be quickly connected to all other roads and expressways. Recently, one piece of news which caught my attention is that of Hua Yang purchasing a 8.09 acres of leasehold land along the MRR2 to build a high-rise MIXED development with an estimated gross development value of RM800 million. The area was announced as north of Selayang. Many would lose interest since it is Selayang. Haha. Hua Yang is not considered a huge developer, not yet anyway and they are mostly focussed on affordable units rather than high-end which I think should be the way moving forward. Malaysians just could not afford to pay ever higher for ever smaller properties in the usual popular hotspots. Greater KL is not just that few spots yeah, be reminded.
It is a sure thing, if prices are the same, I would choose Desa Parkcity over Selayang. I would also choose Kelana Jaya over Damansara Damai. In fact I would choose Mont Kiara over Sungai Buloh, anytime. Note, if the prices are the same. However, once there are prices differences, it is important for decisions to be based on what you need and not what others have determined for you. If you think location, then try to translate it into duration instead. Just look at the popular Cheras, yes, it’s nearby KL city centre and nearly everyone would tell you that but when we compare duration, is it really that advantageous? If jams are categorised on heavy, so-so and sometimes, then for Cheras and surrounding, it’s almost always under ‘heavy’. So, unless we have way too much cash, stretch that location thought into duration as well.
Thus, I think this maybe the right property for many first-time home buyers. For first-time home buyers, especially with some budget limitations, the good news is that 2015 is a year of affordability. Due to the current market sentiment, it is almost a certainty that no developers would want to go on a suicide mission by selling above what the majority could afford.The bad news remain that perception is a tough thing to get rid off. Certain areas which we would never consider. Certain areas which family and friends said is considered backwater etc. Or even those who can afford just RM600,000 but kept on thinking about landed properties and willing to buy either way too far or way too small just to keep to the mindset of landed is better. The only real ‘better’ would be that you have a property which meets majority of our expectations, not keep trying to save for some for which we can never afford.
Happy searching.
written on 31 Jan 2015
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