HSR: KL – Singapore, 7 stops in Malaysia, buy, buy and buy now?

The 7 stops in Malaysia includes Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Seremban, Ayer Keroh, Muar, Batu Pahat and Nusajaya. This has been confirmed by Malaysia’s Land Public Transport  Chairman, Syed Hamid Albar. As written earlier, the meetings were as frequent as monthly. Constrcution could even begin within 2015. Possibly as soon as third quarter of next year! Malaysia has completed its feasibility study and this has been shared with Singapore and is now waiting for Singapore’s own feasibility study for the 320km – 340km rail. International tender will be called next year and a few countries including Japan and China has expressed interest in delivering the project. I think the possibility of China taking the project is going to be high due to a host of reasons but we shall see. I prefer an Asian partner to do it. Sorry, Europeans….
The question on everyone’s mind is, ‘buy, buy, buy’ in all the 7 stops? Wait a minute. Do you know anything about Ayer Keroh or Batu Pahat? I thought some said Putrajaya is a dead city at night? Come on, even with this train, it’s not going to just stop in Putrajaya at night, ok? So, even with a stop, it will be almost the same. I have just been to Putrajaya and I like the overall environment, the buildings, the roads, the lakes and even the mall. However, to buy Putrajaya because of a high speed rail stop? Please think again. To me, without more details or more readings, my concentration would only be for Kuala Lumpur beginning stop and the Nusajaya final Malaysian stop. We shall see in a few more months when more details are out and how the developers would start planning their property developments around the stops.
There were many questions as to how much benefit would Malaysia get for this high speed rail versus Singapore. It was said that Singapore would ultimately benefit more. Today, when 100,000 Malaysians cross the link into Singapore for work, do you think Malaysia benefit more or Singapore benefits more? Without working in Singapore, these 100,000 Malaysians would earn a salary which is 2.6 times lower (currency basis) if they work in Malaysia. However, without these Malaysians working in Singapore, what do you think would happen to many of the industries, shops and retail outlets in Singapore? I did not say majority. I said many. So, do you think we should close the first link and the second link then? Haha. To me, as long as it benefits both parties, who are we to argue that the benefit is 50:50.
Sometimes, it’s funny when you read all the comments. Yet, you learn more about what some of these analysts think which is good. Just remember to read more than enough so that you know more than enough and is able to think a little bit more objectively. Please do not simply buy but to anyone who still say that this HSR is not happening, you may continue investing in other things. Nothing to lose anyway. 🙂
written on 25 Oct 2014
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