How Colours Can Enhance Your Home

The colours in my current home was chosen by my wife and I. We kept more to the neutral tones because we were afraid that too much bright colours may just cause the house to be too ‘Hot’. Haha. Anyway, I am nowhere qualified to talk about colours you can use for your home. Let’s read from one of’s article contributor, Tim Smith of
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modernizeBored by your home? We totally understand: day after day of looking at the same old, same old can be exhausting — especially if you’re surrounded by white or beige walls. No reason to fret, though. Adding a little color can seriously enhance your home. Read on to find out how to use color to give your house an amazing lift.
Create the atmosphere you can live with
It can be tempting to just pick colors that look nice in display rooms or on magazine pages, but a critical part of using color to enhance your home is to make sure you create the environment you will be comfortable in. Before making a choice, ask yourself what type of ambiance you want.
Pick a color scheme
Color schemes are the result of a conscious choice. Don’t choose colors at random or just because you like them — a room’s color scheme is ideally derived from a picture, a rug, or a dominant piece of artwork in the room. For example, if you have a painting of avocados split open on a kitchen table, this can lead you to a theme consisting of shades of green, yellow, purple, and brown.
Use color to create a well put-together look
Once you’ve picked your colors, distribute these so that more than 50 percent of the area you are working on will be covered in the dominant color you have chosen. Then, decide which color you will use as your secondary color and find ways to use this in about a third of the space. Lastly, use the remaining colors to either complement or contrast, making sure they cover about 15 percent of your working space.
For example, if you decide to use green, purple, and beige as the three main colors of the room, you might want to paint the walls green so that more than 50 percent of the room is green. Then, you could put brown slipcovers on your furniture and refinish your woodwork in a darker or brighter shade of brown. Finally, you can include accent pieces such as throw pillows or a small area rug in shades of purple.
By distributing your color scheme this way, you will have a well-coordinated room that can be as vibrant or as sedate as you want – depending on the colors you pick.
Use the color scheme through the entire visible space.
Make sure there is continuity in the colors of all visible areas. If your dining room and your living area are all in one open space, make sure your color scheme flows through both areas. You can do this subtly – by using a tablecloth or a table runner that echoes one of the colors in your scheme.
Use a touch of contrast for pizzazz
A splash of contrast here and there will prevent your home from being humdrum. You can supply this contrast with a throw pillow, a vase, or a table lamp. Remember, just a tad of contrast will do – unless you really want to create an atmosphere of constant motion.
Color is one of the quickest and most effective ways to change the way a home looks. If you are ready to undertake this project, start looking at magazines and showrooms to get a better idea of the colors you want to use.
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