You can only visit once per week. Shenzhen – Hong Kong.

Nothing to do with relationships or divorce settlement. It is what was implemented by China for residents of Shenzhen city with regards to their visits to Hong Kong. There were no restrictions but now, Shenzhen residents can only visit Hong Kong once per week. One major reason stated was that there were too many Shenzhen residents who profit from buying things in Hong Kong and selling them in Shenzhen. It is said that the goods in Hong Kong especially food are much safer compared to those sold in Shenzhen. Another reason was because of the many demonstrations and protests but Hong Kong residents recent few months which may have infuriated Beijing but this move is more to appease the Hong Kong residents instead of punishing them.
Would this happen to the visits between Singapore and Johor? Perhaps Singapore may want to curtail the visits of their citizens so that they spend more of their money domestically instead of ‘overseas’ which is just a bus or taxi or even a drive of half an hour away? Seriously, no. Indirectly? Yes, of course. Any responsible government would always encourage its citizens to spend domestically. Just look at the toll rates? Or even some of the articles which compared shopping in JPO to Orchard street in Singapore? Yes, as well as not being able to drive back into Singapore with a full tank of petrol and a few other indirect ways. Nothing too serious, really and the trips continue especially during the holiday seasons.
Actually Shenzhen or Hong Kong, both are part of China and whatever restrictions imposed today is unlikely to be a long lasting one. The reason is because you cannot impose something to appease one side but ignored the other side, right? So, somehow a win-win situation must happen or these protests would just continue to happen on and off, at both sides one after another. Some say another reason is because it’s harder to live comfortably in Hong Kong because of the ever higher property prices caused by the super wealthy mainland Chinese who got their wealth from the huge Chinese market. As they say, earning just 1 cent profit from every Chinese in China is better than earning RM1 from every Malaysian! For this, I think it takes much more than just restricting the movement. The current Hong Kong government may really want to seriously help Hong Kong people to own a roof over their head, affordably. When everyone has a property, perhaps the relationship would be cosier and happier. Oh yeah, recent numbers also showed the retail sales in Hong Kong has also dipped a small percentage. This is not something that both Beijing or Hong Kong want happening on a continuous basis. My 2 cent opinion. Will be visiting Hong Kong next year.
written on 1 May 2015
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