Hey, do it well, sell it well. Don’t free so many stuffs.

I realised one common thing recently. Developers are giving more freebies and special deals these days. Okay, maybe not all developers but the numbers have certainly increased. For some, the value of the freebies are up to RM50,000. On one hand, these developers are saying that their margins are lower but here, they are giving out such freebies? Ironic right. Personally, I do not really like developers who sell much more expensively and then say they give 5 airconds etc. Come on, for anyone who has airconds installed in their homes, how much is 5 airconds anyway. Some would give renovation packages. I hate to say this, but the reason I renovate is not because I want my home to be exactly like the one on my left, the one on my right and the one opposite me!
I hope some of these developers would be able to see the big picture. The reason I buy your offering is because the location happened to be suitable, the quality is acceptable and the concept really do look good. I have never heard of any buyer who said their main reason for buying is because they get free aircons, free renovation packages or even potential chance to win a car. Haha. Seriously, if I needed a new car, I will buy a new car. In other words, the quality of your home matters tremendously. Instead of using a slightly cheaper material after you have offered all the rebates etc, why not use better materials, maintain your price and tell them to really understand the difference between a cheaper materials versus the ones that you are using? I think this works better.
There are also developers who are forever telling people that their prices are lower. Yet, their qualities are also lower. Come on, these days, do you still want to be labelled as ‘that kind of developer’? Every time you launch a new property you have to use price as your key differentiation. Buyers who may have blacklisted you may then give you another chance and as usual, regretted it later on. Fact is, land cost, materials cost, labour costs are almost similar. In other words, it just do not make sense that one developer can sell much cheaper even though it is in the same area as the more established one. UNLESS, they do less…..
Do it well, sell it well. There’s really no need for so much of free stuffs.
written on 4 Oct 2014
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  1. In facts, I likes freebies.. as long as the ROI return is good, why not. Mind to tell you are not happy with which developer so that we are aware of it.

    1. I dont like developers who tells you it’s luxury condo but the ceiling is just 10 feet tall…. I dont like developers whose build quality is full of ”empty” sound when you knock on the floor tiles. I don’t like developers who gives you extremely flimsy doors for the whole house. Don’t want to name names lar. Basically, the unprofessional ones who try to ‘cover’ up by giving extra freebies compared to others. be reminded, you are buying a decent condo, not the freebies… Of course, if the condo looks great and freebies are still offered, I would love to take too.

  2. Hi, I bought a condo with fully furnitured rm450k for 680 sf. Will complete by nxt year feb
    If running smooth, it take 20 min to kl.
    Do u think is cheap?
    I’m buying really because of the fully furnished .to me less headache !
    But anyway, I think normally those who are bought it ,mainly only for investment .cause like what you say, who wish to have there house same stuff with all the neighbord !
    Like your talk anyway !
    Thx !

    1. As long as you are clear with your objective, every buy is a good buy. Rm700 psf is not considered cheap but since fully renovated, then it’s around rm600psf. For such a size, not considered high anymore. I think this size would best be for rental. Go for higher end ones.

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