HERO…. is here…. Damansara Damai.

img-20161007-wa0021.jpgIt has an Ultraman statue right in front of its entrance. Yes, Ultraman is definitely a HERO in my mind. I still remembered when my brother and I cried during one of those episodes when Ultraman was ‘killed’ by an ugly monster. Fortunately, he was saved in a later episode. Haha. HERO Market is a supermarket chain which has been quite successful. I usually go to the one in Ativo Plaza but I think the new one should provide me with a nearer option during times when I just needed some late grocery shopping instead of a dinner and shopping.
img-20161007-wa0025.jpgHERO Market has just opened its door in Damansara Damai. You do not know where is this? Well, it’s nearby Sri Damansara and bordering Sungai Buloh and right next to the Sungai Buloh toll (Exit 113). This new HERO store is bright and has a lot more choices than the AEON which closed a few months back. As it was just opened today, there were so many people we could hardly stroll and of course, lots of special offers including the a free box of Kellogg’s Froot Loops (350gm) with every RM50 receipt. Image attached. Oh yeah, my favourite water-melon was only 79 cents per kg which is a great bargain. Imagine trying to finish 1kg of water-melon all by yourself and it’s just 80 cents!
img-20161007-wa0024.jpgThe downsides? The shelves were stacked for maximum stocks, thus it does not allow two trolleys to pass one another. One has to reverse to let the other through. The prices are of course generally higher than Econsave or even NSK except for those items on offer during that particular time. Econsave and NSK are not my favourite even if I do my grocery shopping there occasionally.  Plus the car parks seem to be limited. Hopefully it’s just because of today’s crazy number of patrons. For now, I love this new HERO store and hope that it will not be like the AEON which had to close and moved out a few months ago. Happy grocery shopping.
written on 7 Oct 2016
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