It’s time for Havoc Hartanah 2016 in Kuala Lumpur

havochartanahklIt’s important to keep learning from those who has more experience than us when it comes to property investment. Seriously, it matters not whether you agree or disagree with all the speaker. No one knows you better than you. These talks give us another perspective that we may have overlooked or even some additional information we did not have previously. This is one event that I always look forward to as the organiser is a good friend of mine, Rozalina and she invites only good people willing to share instead of standing on stage to sell their projects, courses or services. Rozalina personally cautioned every speaker she invited, “No one can sell anything on stage or I will grab a mic and warn publicly.” She smiled when she said it but I know she’s serious and I think this is good for the attendees. No one likes to listen to a full day of sales talk.
I think the two-day seminar is very suitable for those thinking about property investment but has yet to be serious due to lack of knowledge. The investment is way too small compared to the preparations of all the speakers. Oh yeah, the ticket price includes meals too. Dates are April 16 (English) and 17 (BM). Both days would feature different speakers. Thus, those who could understand both languages would find better value. Remember to build networks during these seminars too. There’s no way anyone can be an expert in all areas, thus the more friends you have, the more areas that you would be familiar with for your property investment.
The full rate is RM90 for two days. To those who would like to sign up and learn from these 14 people, you can proceed directly to sign up via Havoc Hartanah official sign-up page here: Havoc Hartanah KL 2016  For followers, you will get a discount if you sign up for both days. No discount for single day tickets. The special deals as follows: RM10 off from the full price of RM90 if you sign up alone. RM20 discount per ticket if you sign up with one more friend. RM30 discount per ticket for every 3 signups or more. Do write in to for details.


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