Haunted Properties and Avoiding One.

Some time back, I wrote about this before. Buying HAUNTED properties? Today I read the same topic again, in propsocial.my and it has many Malaysian examples! My wife and I have never watched haunted movies together in a cinema before. I have watched a couple with my friends during secondary school days but these days I would definitely prefer a comedy instead. So, the question is, are there ways to make sure that unit that you are buying is just not a haunted one? Perhaps you can try the following:
Your own feeling. Come on, nearly everyone would have been to certain places that we just do not feel comfortable. Something’s just not right. Darker than usual alleys, spoilt light bulb right on the day you visited the place or even that extra cool feeling? Don’t force it. There are lots of other properties you can view.
Bring along a pet (dog preferable).  It’s something which I have heard for many years. Even read them in some property related books and even some online articles. It seems that dogs are able to feel better than us. I do not have a dog and thus I would not be able to bring one.
ASK your agent. Yes, sometimes your agent may hide this from you but if you ask, chances are some of them would tell you the truth. The other half who did not, they would also be acting a little strange when they bring you since you asked them before. Thus, asking them would help you to reduce the possibility of buying a haunted place.
Be friendly and ask the neighbours.  If you are lucky, perhaps you may meet some of the neighbours. Ask them a few easy to answer questions such as who was staying there previously. Why did they move etc. Of course, it’s best not to ask, ‘Do you think there are ghosts inside?’ I do not think anyone would answer you.
Get professional help. Actually, I do not recommend this but some sites said this is a must. So, I still list them here. Perhaps that property that you are buying is worth this professional help, then yeah get them. This may be a place to start: http://malaysian-paranormal-research.org/
Avoid old houses. Come on, with the tall grasses, weeds and even plants growing from the edge of the roof, would you still want to buy it? Also the paint peeling so badly you could not even see what was it’s original colour? Haha. Actually when the feeling is not right, perhaps next viewing should be scheduled instead.
Okay, that’s some of the potential considerations. Thus far I think I have been lucky. Have not come across all these. Perhaps I have not bought enough yet? Oh yeah, always do read about some of the cases online. Lots to read as soon as you google for ‘haunted properties in Malaysia.’ I think I will always rely on item 1. Of course I would bring along my wife too. I think two of us can’t be wrong. Plus I would use agents whom I know and this would at least ensure me that my agent is not there to cheat me. If he did, he would only be able to get my business for one time.  Happy researching before you buy. A haunted home is certainly no laughing matter.
written on 15 Feb 2015
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