Happy Labour Day to everyone involved with property

Property Buyers / Investors.  I cannot imagine the world without you guys. Working hard, saving money and buying your first property, some go for the second one, minority buys non-stop and the richest buys the most expensive ones. Today, you should just wake up late because many of your usual agents are not going to work today unless you tell him that you are bringing your cheque book and is desperate to buy something on Labour’s Day.
Property Agents.  Yes, I am only talking about the licensed ones. Sorry brokers, if you are really serious, get yourself attached to a real and licensed agencies. Otherwise, do other things please because we seriously need more professionals in the field. I need agents who can give me advice based on what I want. Not just an agent who opens the door, stand by the side and pray that I buy. So, to any agents who believe he/she is a professional, Happy Labours Day! There’s no need to work today because I just told the buyers to wake up late.
Property Developers. You have planned for many months, sometimes even over one year. Then you submitted your plans and suddenly the market dynamics changed. Should you take back and resubmit? Should you change the plans from your RM750psf to affordable sizes and prices? Developers do a lot of work for a margin which seemed exorbitant but truth is, property development is not an easy game to play. Wrong step and it may just be the end. To developers who has vowed never to cut corners again this Labour Day, kudos to you. Happy Labours Day!
Real Property Gurus. Yes, I am talking about you. Anyone who has given a talk to over 50 pax and has managed to persuade someone to buy and that someone has profited from your advice, you are a property guru. Never be shy to tell those who needs expert advice that they have to PAY. I do not think any of those working full time as property guru are doing it for charity. Come on, even charities nowadays called themselves ‘Not-for-profit’ organisations and not ‘Non-Profit’ organisations. Without profit, every business would just close down! So, property gurus who does not simply tell people to buy, buy, buy but really educate them, Happy Labours Day!
Happy Holidays to all those who have yet to buy any property. No worries, I do think the number of affordable properties would increase tremendously compared to years before where not many were built. Alternatively there’s really nothing wrong to continue renting because by doing that you are not tying yourself down to something which actually is not movable.
Happy Labour Day yeah, everyone.
If there are people whom I missed, write to me. I will include you in next year’s Labour Day message. Haha.


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