Just got cheated? Well, no end in sight.

There are many good people out there. They hope that fewer Malaysians get cheated. Do read this article by Mark Reijman which is so clear about the reasons why people are still being cheated! Why the rich and the poor still fall for scams. Well, a scam becomes a scam only when people realised that they have been scammed and that would usually mean the end of the road for that particular scam. In other words, too late. Let me share just two things he shared which I feel are the two most important thing. TRUST. We trust our friends, that’s why when they told us that they are earning good money and that we should join them, we would. Little criminal. Yes, if we ALSO tell our friends and get them to join the ‘sure-win’ scheme, then we are part of the whole cheating process too. The money that they invest would be the money that is used to pay the earlier investors and for some of these later investors, that amount is the only amount they have in their banks.
Another article by a good friend, Aaron of Mr-stingy.com “This is how we will grow rich together.”  He is a very good writer and I think all the facts listed within the article should be things all of us should look for. That’s how all the ‘get-rich-quick’ programmes net new ‘investors’ everyday. He has even provided a fake site plus lots of fake celebrity names, fake businesses and lots of humour. I seriously encourage everyone to read the full article because it’s funny how people can still ask him how to join after reading the whole article! Anyway, the funniest thing he shared with me was that even after he had written the article which stated very clearly that this is a FAKE article, he still receive messages asking him how could they invest in it. At the end of his article, he said he will give back all the money owed to all investors. His last advice? “Please ask them not to lodge police reports.” Happy reading yeah.
My own article here: Why do some people still get cheated? Recently, my friend who’s a successful property entrepreneur shared in Facebook that he was very angry with his friends who asked him to join them for quick returns. He asked his friend that what’s so wrong about earning money the legitimate way? His friend said, ‘It’s quick money man. Can invest early so that we can get back all our returns.’ What an answer because basically what his friend cared about was on how to go in as early as possible and try to persuade more people to put their money in. Do we know that many of these ‘investors’ are actually investing everything they have and they may well lose everything they have. Sad stories would continue. If we could, please start telling everyone that a fool and his money soon parted. I may lose all these chances to earn more. I am willing. Cheers.
written on 24 May 2017
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