Book Review: “Good Tenant Great Tenant Series”

They say knowledge equals to power. I say knowledge means our investment risks become a calculated one. When we buy without knowing anything, hopefully we are lucky all the time. It’s the same as buying to rent out. Tenant management needs time to build up. Alternatively, learn from those who has done it. Here’s three which I think is a good companion, especially during free time. Your Facebook time will not yield you more money lah. Learning about how to rent to better tenants would help more in making our money work harder. It is not often that we read a book which is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to practise. I think these three books by my good friend Alan Poon should be read by people who wants to manage tenants and tenants who also want to be good tenants. Seriously, a harmonious environment helps tremendously. Invest in these three books and start your tenant management journey. The three books as follows:
The first book – WHERE ARE YOU
Practical Guide To Getting The Right Tenant for your Property
This book introduces the world to Alan Poon’s Tenant Management Mantra which forms the backbone for the practical Tenancy Quadrant as the key guiding principles in effective tenant acquisition process.
• Discover The Landlord-Tenant innermost wants and needs
• Find the middle path to bridge tenancy success
• Know the D-I-Y checklist when profiling prospective tenants
• Mitigate your risk and fulfil your destiny as a landlord
The second book – PLEASE STAY ON
Practical Guide To Maintaining Good Tenant for your Property
Written in an unconventional yet simple manner, this book reveals practical applications and methodologies, experts never wanted to reveal till now. Topics on tenant management in overseas properties are included for global-savvy investors.
• Break down wall of barrier between landlords and tenants
• Build the much-needed instant rapport and understanding
• Generate and sustain healthy tenancy relationship
• Unrivalled strategies for a win-win formula
The third book – Untold Tenancy Stories 
Real Life Lessons For Tenants and Landlords
This book unveils the never before published stories of real life landlords and tenants, lessons learnt from both sides of the divide and practical tenancy strategy used to survive and thrive, that will provide ample peaceful nights of lullaby. Stories from international properties are also featured.
• Opens the Pandora’s box of both sides of tenancy
• Get instant access to the insight of low profile property investors
• Generate a pool of tenancy ideas and solutions
• Conquer the competition using unrivalled strategies
These three books are available in major bookstores. Alternatively, visit or write in to buy one set. or email
About Alan Poon.
Alan Poon is the founder of Superior Wealth Mastery; a boutique wealth education provider. Alan first started investing in real estate back in 2001 and it was not all a bed of roses as one bad investment set him back for 7 years. Alan’s humble beginning is a rare story of true grit and persistence as he bounced back from the near impossible since 2008 and never looked back. He now passionately shares his lessons gleaned over the years as a practical property investor.
Alan is notably a sought-after speaker by real estate developers, major property showcases and expo events. He has appeared on the Bernama Today talk show, TV3, Capital TV by HyppTV, ONFM as well as TraxxFM and is regularly featured in major dailies such as The Star, News Straits Times, The Edge Weekly, Malay Mail, Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, Harian Metro and many more. Alan regularly contributes columns and commentaries to real estate magazines including Malaysia, Property Insight, Asean Property Review and REM magazines as well as online portals such as Property


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