Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Holidays

Many friends who are the same age as me said that they no longer feel anything special about Chinese New Year. They do not even buy new clothes anymore. Let me share a little personal secret. Any celebration is only as awesome as how we would like it to be. Question is, do we? Blame it on a bad economy? Majority of the countries today are worse where GDP growth is concerned. Blame it on ringgit falling thus prices too expensive to buy anything? Come on, we have worked for one whole year, could we not spare RM29.90 to buy a discounted red coloured T-shirt to get us into the mood?
Still fully negative about this coming Monkey Year which will fall on the February 8th, 2016? Signifying ‘EASY to be RICH’ from 2 and 8 in Cantonese. Hey, this really do not come often. Celebrate it. Eat more. Laugh even more. All other reasons, come back and think about it after 8th and 9th February 2016. We really do deserve a good break.
May everyone drive safely and enjoy a really good time with all our loved ones. Whether we are Chinese or non-Chinese, who cares, just ENJOY the long holiday! Yes, I am already home in Ipoh with my family. Lucky me.
Charles, 6th Feb 2016.


  1. I still enjoy CNY, best time to gather with family and friends!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year to you

    1. Let’s have an awesome Year of the Monkey!

  3. Yoyo, happy CNY to you. Gong xi gong xi. Though I cannot give away angpao (save some money though) as my grandfather just passed away last two weeks. I’m still in the mood.
    Wishing all of us happy, prosperous and able to rest more in coming “Monkey” year.

    1. Shuner, condolences from me. Yes, wishing everyone a prosperous “Monkey” year ahead!

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