Gold always glitter when others start to falter. Buy, buy and buy?

I have gold as an investment before. Bought and kept it for like over a year and sold it for nearly no profit at all. Maybe I invested without much understanding. There are some who swears by it yeah. This is the view of an engineer who has been continuously investing into gold. “My view may be a bit unconventional, but honestly, I don’t put my money in any other asset class except gold.” The full article in quoting him here.  

More often than not, gold is always seen as a safe place to put one’s money especially everything is so volatile these past few weeks due to Covid-19. If someone bought into some shares in Bursa Malaysia last year, then the current share prices may cause him to faint. Of course, if the investment was into some banks, the results were still okay. Earlier article here on Maybank and Public Bank.

Article in Stashaway Malaysia Sdn Bhd country manager Wong Wai Ken said this about gold.” “As the extent of the virus has not been fully quantified and its economic effects are now only surfacing with companies guiding lower earnings, there is more upside for gold.” Wong said, “If the uncertainty abates, gold will experience a pullback, yet there are always other risk factors that support the price of gold.”

As a safe-haven asset, gold has rallied 7% from the Covid-19 uncertainty. In 2019, it rose by 19% due to the trade tensions between the US and China. Howie Lee, an economist at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd, believes there is room for gold prices to climb further, given the global economy started 2020 on fragile footing after last year’s escalation of US-China trade tensions. Please do refer to the full analysis by many other analysts here: Article in

For gold as an investment, I am of the opinion that one would have to buy with more knowledge and time the buying and the selling. It is often believed that with gold, the value does not reduce. The trend for gold prices as follows:

Actually, if we are to look at investment over a much longer period of time, then the notion of the investment being always rising in value is just as true for a good property in a good location. It’s just as true for a good company whose share prices were battered during a bad time. In other words, when we invest, look at it as an investment. “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.” Never forget this statement from Warren Buffett whose investment decisions are considered legendary. Happy investing.

Maybe it’s gold? My investment includes Stashaway too. Happy understanding about it.

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