Genting Group vs Genting Sky City.

On a yearly basis, I will go up to Genting Highlands to enjoy the cool air maybe up to 6 times. This year, none yet but hopefully soon. I understand that now the tourist buses from China has totally stopped because there were o tourists coming in due to COVID-19. I do hope everything will be back to normal soon. Most of these businesses depend on tourism and the longer the COVID-19 wreck havoc, the sooner would they be running out of business. Earlier article here: More visitors, higher spending in 2020 up in genting Highlands. (before COVID-19)

Genting group includes Genting Bhd, Genting Malaysia Bhd and First World Hotels and Resorts Sdn Bhd. Genting Sky City is a development by GM Aero Support Sdn Bhd and it will be built by Sycal Bhd. The three Genting group of companies are taking the developer of Genting Sky City to court because it claims that the project does not meet development guidelines.

Article in The Genting Group’s suit claims that the development of Genting Sky City project contravenes with the Guidelines on Development Planning in Hills and Highlands, as a substantial part of the landscape is a steep hillside with slopes at a gradient ranging from 25° to 35° or more, where development is not allowed. It also added that the proposed development will be located at more than 1,000 metre above sea level and at this level, the only development which could be allowed would be for the construction of infrastructure such as roads, tunnels, bridges, telecommunications and electricity of low intensity. The Genting Group also claims that the use of the “Genting” trade name for the project was done without any prior approval, licence and permission of the group.

Meanwhile, the defendants, in their affidavits, said that they had already obtained planning permission for Genting Sky City in July 2015, and subsequently in April and October 2016, following amendments to the plan for the development. It said that the building plan was approved by the Bentong Municipal Council on Dec 22, 2017 and that another amended planning permission was subsequently granted on Oct 24, 2019. The defendants also said that the environmental management plan for the project has also been obtained from the Pahang Department of Environment. Please do refer to more details in Article in

Since the case will be heard very soon, I think everyone will have more details. I will definitely keep writing. This is definitely a case which will attract a lot of attention. It seems that claims by Genting Highlands has some valid points but if we look at what the defendants are saying, it seems that all the approvals from the authorities have been obtained and that was they the construction started. Happy following.

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