Gateway @ KLIA2 – Opening May 2014

gatewayDo you believe shopping can be exciting even when you are in airports? Think Changi Airport, Singapore. I have bought many things in Changi airport and I always feel that every airport should have their shopping modelled just like Singapore’s Changi Airport. Well, KLIA’s not too bad but can be better. Current LCCT shopping? No excitement. Current Subang Airport? Huh? How can that be termed as shopping? It’s more like browsing through a few shops and then settling down for a Starbucks latte. How about Gateway@KLIA2? What’s that? That’s the new shopping destination if you are in KLIA2 come May 2014. The developer is WCT, the same one that gave you Paradigm Mall. Not the best mall in Klang Valley but it meets everything I need for a good shopping experience when I need one just nearby. I hope Gateway@KLIA2 has the same standard?
klia2Dining includes:Alessio Express, Auntie Anne’s, Austin Chase Coffee, Baskin Robbins, Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom, BMS Organics Be Lohas Healthy Cuisine, Bobby’s Deli, Boost Juice, Bread Story, Burger King, Burgerlicious, Butter Olive Wholesome Pastry House, Canai 15 Café, Causeway Bay, Chef Chow by D’f.i.s.h.
For Shopping, they have the following categories: (refer picture).
Personally, when I am at the airport, there is one shop that I can’t do without, it’s the book shop. I will always buy something, perhaps a book or a magazine but before buying that particular book, I would browse through some other books, flip through some other magazines, read headlines of other newspapers and even look at the Value Buy category. Haha. Yes, that’s the reason why my wife always say I have so many books in my home accumulating dusts. Books are the best investment because people write about the accumulated experience and you can learn from their years within just hours.
The second shop I can’t do without would be fashion, shoes, bags, accessories and occasionally time pieces. I promise myself that if I travel alone, I must buy something for my wife. 🙂  That’s why nearly all her handbags were bought by me and so are majority of her casual T-shirts. 🙂 Ok, I admit, I am a shopaholic but that’s better than doing nothing but playing Facebook games right.
There, Gateway@KLIA2, hope that it’s as good as what the pictures at the website shows and looking forward to it compared to current LCCT where it’s like a sardine can and there’s virtually nowhere for you to just sit down, read a book and sip a cup of coffee.
written on 7 April 2014
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