Fully vaccinated Malaysians? Here are extra things you can do. Yes, dine-in is one of them**

This is the article where you can click for the full text of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s speech in BM.

Translated into English and where there are discrepancies, please refer to the text in Bahasa Malaysia as the final version.

In terms of Fully Vaccinated, it is not just having 2 doses. A minimum of 14 days must have passed for those who receive the two-dose vaccine types, namely Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac as the first criteria. For single-dose vaccine recipients, namely, Johnson & Johnson and Cansino, they are considered Fully Vaccinated 28 days after the injection date.

The relaxation for ALL Phases under National Recovery Plan: (For Fully Vaccinated ones)

  1. Quarantine at home is given to all citizens who arrived in Malaysia from overseas as long as they have received full vaccinations.
  2. Husband and Wife who have both received full vaccinations are now allowed to travel inter-state to meet one another.
  3. Parents who have received full vaccinations are allowed to travel inter-state to see their children below 18 years old.
  4. Prayers are now permitted in mosques for everyone who has received full vaccinations. (SOP compliance is by mosque committee. As usual, the digital cert for the vaccination must be shown before being allowed entry)
  5. This convenience is also given to all non-Muslims to attend their places of worship too. Same SOP yeah.

For Phase 2 onwards, below are the additional relaxations for all with full vaccinations of two doses. **

  1. Inter-District Travel is allowed (be ready to show the proff; digital certificate showing full vaccinations)
  2. Dine-In is now allowed. (Not encouraged but it is now permitted)
  3. The premise owner will have to ensure SOP is complied and only admit those with full vaccinations.
  4. For couples with full vaccinations who wish to bring their children below 17 to dine in, they should make sure everyone follows the SOPs.
  5. Sports activities without physical contact and not group sports are now permitted. (6am to 10pm)
  6. Sports Clubs MUST NOT open the shower / changing rooms (this is to deter from groupings of people in confined area)
  7. Activities allowed include jogging, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, hiking, tennis (single), badminton (single), golf etc
  8. Tourism activities within the SAME STATE is allowed for homestay and hotel.
  9. Premise owners for these homestay and hotel must ensure SOP compliance and only allow fully vaccinated customers to enter.

All these above new conveniences based on phases will be valid starting from 10th August 2021.

Further details will be revealed by Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) shortly.

For the conveniences and relaxation for economic sectors, it is currently being discussed and once finalised, I will announce them.

This is the article where you can click for the full text of PM’s speech in BM.

— end of the message —

PLEASE Follow SOP and yes, more relaxations means that the number of cases may also be going up too. Just note that the most important thing is the hospitalisation number and not the infection number because there are NO vaccines which can stop the infections totally, not even in those countries where they administer the vaccine brands you love. Not even them.

However, when vaccinated, ALL vaccines are able to prevent hospitalisation very strongly. it’s not for everyone but suffice to say, ALL vaccines could do its job well thus far. This is applicable whether it was countries with AstraZeneca, Pfizer or even Sinovac full doses. Happy understanding and enjoy your first meal seated in a restaurant soon.

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