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Fully furnished apartment with rent of RM3.68 PER MONTH by Ikea

Fully furnished apartment with rent of RM3.68 PER MONTH by Ikea.

Not a scam BUT…

Okay, it’s not a scam. It’s really happening and the furnishing is by Ikea. The only thing is that it’s not in Malaysia but in Tokyo, Japan. I have also tried to find out how many units are being offered but there has not been any mention of the total number of units. Maybe it’s just 1 unit and this is really a lot more about getting into the news versus some kind of solution for the expensive property rental in Tokyo.

Anyway, the actual size of the unit which is being offered is 10 sq metres. Thus, total size is around 107 sq ft. For comparison purpose, the typical size of a car park is 8ft x 16ft = 128 sq ft. So, yes, the unit which is being offered is smaller than a typical car park slot. Fortunately, there are two levels. One can just imagine the size now yeah. It’s BIGGER than a typical Segment D car in size. I think if the unit is only for sleeping, it should be okay.

Article in japantoday.com Ikea announced that they’ve designed a new apartment that will come with Ikea furniture and it will only be rented out at 99 yen (RM3.68) per month. The apartment is just 10 square meters wide, but with two levels.

The two levels are connected by a stepladder and on the first floor you will find the entrance, kitchen area (with space for a washing machine), bathroom and toilet, whereas the upper loft space is the sleeping/living area. It’s called “Tiny Homes” and what Ikea wanted to promote is that even if the space is small, it can still be a comfortable and a happy place to live. Do read the full article here: Article in japantoday.com

It’s a good promotion but don’t get too excited

Rather than spending marketing dollars on some campaigns, I think this Tiny Homes by Ikea will likely garner a lot more publicity. Plus it will also help sell a lot more Ikea furniture too. I have never failed to visit Ikea at least once per quarter even if I am not buying a new home. I just love looking at all the designs and usually will buy something every time I visit Ikea here in Malaysia.

By the way, it’s really possible that they may pull something similar here in Malaysia. It will give them super huge exposure as it will quickly become viral if there’s a fully furnished apartment by Ikea being rented out at RM3.68 per month. I mean, even I would try my best to get the unit by registering for the lucky draw. A home to show off to my friends for less than RM50 per year? Let’s do it! Haha. Happy waiting. I am.

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