Fresh Engineer, perhaps Penang is your choice?

There are lots of manufacturing organisations in Penang. One company shut its door last month, Fairchild. However, there are still a huge number of technology related organisations in Penang. In fact, it’s the first place that I would always recommend if you are an engineering graduate and would like a place where you can grow your career. From engineers to department heads to even factory managers, these positions are available easily in Penang. My wife’s former company’s factory manager was many years younger than me when he assumed that role. This is Malaysia after all and there’s no invisible ceiling like many other countries where you work as a ‘second choice’ even if they do not tell you so. My friend came back after being sidelined for a younger colleague in a country which says they value competitiveness. Hmm..
For those who thinks Penang property is way too expensive, well I have to tell you that it depends on how you intend to live your life. If you intend to live it YOUR way, then the choices are still aplenty. For example, Relau, Batu Maung, Balik Pulau and even mainland Penang etc. Just do not look at Tanjung Tokong, Greenlane, Gelugor etc. If you prefer to live as what majority of what the islanders of Penang tell you, then be prepared to either earn huge money or have very rich parents. My friend sold his house recently to someone who’s many years younger than him for over RM600k. The buyer said, he will pay CASH. His parents are paying. 🙂
In my 15 years in Penang, I have stayed in Georgetown, Barrack Road (right next to Penang prison), Batu Ferringhi, Tanjung Bungah, Relau and Sungai Ara. I can safely tell you that none are so special that I would be willing to pay a premium of extra 40% for it. Yes, this premium is REAL despite being on the same island. Most of the time, with the pay that you are getting as a young engineer and having worked for a few years, it would not be too hard to purchase a place. Just do not live beyond your means. To me there’s nothing proud about driving a Vios versus driving a Saga because Vios would only be stopping you from your actual investment goals. If you drive a Lamborghini, then you can be proud. Otherwise, sorry yeah.
So, fresh engineers, think about it. A good choice in my opinion is definitely Penang.
written on 16th Oct 2014
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