Freeze! I mean, stop moving please. There’s a virus lurking.

In the current Movement Control Order (MCO) environment, could we move house if that was the initial plan? Actually the answer is a firm, no. For now, you can drive only out if you are under the essential services and has to go to work or you are the head of the family and you have been assigned to buy groceries… Alternatively, that would be to send your pregnant wife to the hospital for delivery! (Congratulations if this is the case and please stay safe).

I think we understand that we could NOT view a property today because sales galleries are NOT under the essential services category yeah. Thus, moving home is definitely not negotiable and we MUST continue staying in that home until 14th April 2020, at least. By the way, this is not happening just in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or even Malaysia yeah. In the United Kingdom, the UK government has issued a guidance to all home owners.

Article in The UK government has urged people to avoid moving house during the coronavirus outbreak. It issued a guide on Thursday (26th March) saying, “there is no need to pull out of transactions, we all need to ensure we are following guidance to stay at home and away from others at all times”. (Briefly, you can still proceed to buy BUT please stay home and not be with others… Now, how to complete the transaction then?)

UK Finance boss Stephen Jones said, “Lenders recognise that many people looking to move into their new home are facing significant stress and uncertainty due to the impacts of coronavirus. Current social distancing measures mean many house moves will need to be delayed.” The pandemic has made transactions increasingly difficult to be completed because the banks could not carry out surveys or get paperwork done during the current nationwide lockdown ordered by Prime Minister Boris Johnson just this Monday (23 March). Please do read the comprehensive article here: Article in

I guess even here in Malaysia, staying at home is the priority and stop looking for a new house key. 🙂 As for those in the process of buying a new place, I am very sure all parties are also afraid to be cuddled together within the same table while reading through the terms and conditions currently, right? So, now may just be a good time to also understand more about the purchase, perhaps we can even browse all the potential designs we like to do for the new home.

By the way, websites will always be open for viewing yeah. IKEA too for ideas if you think you do not want to buy something which another 18,888 people in the same state have also bought earlier… So, yeah, FREEZE and stop any thoughts of moving for now. Stay sane, watch all those shows you have missed for a long time.

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