How much do footballers earn? Top 20 leagues in terms of earnings here.

How much do footballers earn? Top 20 leagues in earnings here.

Why not become a footballer?

For me, the answer is a no. I remember when I was a goalkeeper in secondary school and the ball hit me right on the face and I was dazed and my specs was somewhere on the field. Anyway, that’s just me. We surely have many who may want to be a footballer. So, here is some numbers for your understanding too.

Would you like to be a footballer? As a career? Here are the expectations in terms of earnings, on average. This is nowhere near the salaries of the top stars in the world today.

As an example? Let’s look at Manchester United. By the way, their players do not earn the most yeah. There’s Manchester City, there’s Chelsea which have a higher wage bill.

David De Gea, the goalkeeper of Manchester United earns £19.5 million (RM112 million) per year . Anthony Martial, the forward in Manchester United earns £13 million (RM75 million) per year. Okay, those are the top 2. The 2nd goalkeeper Dean Handerson earns £5.2 million (RM30 million) per year. Another forward who’s considered a potential future star is Mason Greenwood and he earns £3.9 million (RM112 million) per year. Wow!?

This is why Premier League is top in the list

Looking at the image below from (click here for full image), Premier League (Britain) players earn an average of £2.27 million (RM13 million) per year. The second placed Bundesliga (Germany), the players earn an average of £1.46 million (RM8.4 million) per year. The third is Seria A (Italy) with a yearly salary of £1.3 million (RM7.5 million) per year.

Meanwhile, the 18th, 19th and 20th on the list…

Meanwhile, the 18th, 19th and 20th in terms of average salaries, their players earn £182,789 (RM1.05 million), £178,000 (RM1.02 million) and £149,000 (RM856,000) per year respectively. Wow, still considered very high even if we consider the typical salaries a Malaysian working professional earns yeah. Perhaps time to consider footballing as a career of choice as well?

This is also why they need to be paid so high

While the average seems high but truth is, these would the ones who made it into the league in their countries. We need to also remember that most footballers would lose their top capability once they reach 30 years or maybe another 2-3 more years. In other words, they would need the salaries earned in roughly 10 years to be able to last them unless they become coaches after they stopped playing. We could see however not many eventually become coaches yeah.

Financial management remains key even if they earn so much

If the footballers spend all their money away when they play, then they would have little when they stop playing. If they invested the money into some safe investments giving stable even if low returns, then after they stop playing, the returns from these would be enough to sustain them a comfortable life. Imagine the top players saving just 10% of their income yearly for 10 years and having that money double by the time they fully stop playing? That would be super ideal right?

All the best if footballing is a career you are in progress towards. We will talk about the smaller leagues in the next article and perhaps cover the salaries of Malaysian football players too.

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