FMCO or MCO. Are You Ready?

Miichael said to me, “Please come and share. I will also share and I will ask questions.” He wanted to do a talk on Friday. What was my answer? When someone who treats you coffee when you are in Penang tells you to join his FB Live, you join lah. Haha.

Please drop by. It’s Friday evening. 830pm. Joining Miichael and I would be someone really into property investment and he has lots of rental experience stories to share too. I always learn a lot from WK Ng. Miichael has also promised to ask WK lots of good questions too. He will ask me some questions occasionally. See you yeah.

Some topics we will cover.

  1. What do I get from Pemerkasa Plus?
  2. How to choose between 3 Months ZERO Payment or 6 Months 50% discount?
  3. What to expect for the next few months?
  4. and more… Please ask.

It will be LIVE in kopiandproperty FB page too. Click here to like the page if you have yet to do so. (click here) The flyer as below. Please do visit Miichael’s FB page (click here). He shares many interesting news daily. Please also visit WK Ng’s FB page (click here). He also shares many things and is usually different from what Miichael shares too.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says "FMCO or MCO. Are you ready? Hosted by Miichael Yeoh, Charles Tan & WK Ng f LIVE 4 June 2021 8.30 pm GM Trainin Trainin cademy"

See you. Please do drop by and say Hi. it’s been a long time that I have not seen most of you. Stay safe with lots of social distancing. It’s not about the double ply masks yeah, it’s the confined space. If we could, stay away from crowded places. At the same time, please register for the vaccinations. Protect Yourself, Protect All. Thanks.

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