FMCO. These will remain open 1st June to 14th June.

Whether it’s FMCO, MCO or whatever O, one photo tells a thousand words. Here are the Essential Services which are allowed to continue to open. It tells a lot, especially the first one which is FOOD and BEVERAGES. If you queued for hours just to get into a supermarket during the weekends and you were so afraid that everyone will be asked to stay home and not allowed to come out to buy and food or beverage, then you can now relax. Food and Beverages remain available and it’s even the FIRST item in the list. I think it’s quite important? Just saying… Stay Home!

Vaccination remains the key to the economy

At the same time, encourage everyone to register in MySejahtera App to get an appointment in the near future. June and July, we are told that over 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines will be available 10 milllion doses also meant that it’s enough to cover every one who has registered thus far for vaccinations. Or if it’s divided into 2 doses, then 50-60% coverage of all Malaysians who have registered to be vaccinated. I do look forward to even more people sharing, ‘I have been vaccinated’ photos. If you like to know what to expect and how to be prepared, here’s my experience with WTC KL.

Happy going out only when truly necessary. I will not go to shop in any supermarket / wet market from 1st to 14th June. This is my promise to fellow Malaysians. I shall just order online, have it delivered. I will order and just pick up and leave immediately. If all of us could do the same, then this 14-day would be a turning point. Thank you.

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