Failed state? More like a failed statement.

There was an article in Bloomberg on Malaysia recently. It’s an opinion piece. Here’s that article. Enjoy reading it and feeling “Oh No…” whatever you feeling is, please feel free to take appropriate actions yeah. By the way, this is also the view of someone who’s definitely more qualified to talk about ‘failed state’ Article Oh Ei Sun of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs.

By the way, some signs of a failed state to me seems more like the following few examples.

#1 – Refusal of the top country leadership to acknowledge the seriousness of Covid-19 and refusing to wear masks and dismissing all of it as nothing more than just a flu and ACTUALLY got infected and had to be rushed into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Of course, the country is fortunate because after the top leader recovered, suddenly, everything moves towards the correct path.

#2 – Country top leader’s refusal to acknowledge DEFEAT despite already being DEFEATED (soundly some more) and the election machineries are all supposed to be the fairest and most democratic in the world. (never mind that one vote is not actually equal to one vote…) Continue to refuse giving the right message and contributing to the over 600,000 deaths as at today and until today, still refuse to acknowledge that he was wrong. Hmm…

#3 – Country’s top leader’s management of the Covid-19 situation. Set vaccination targets, failed to keep them, set another one, failed to keep them and then this continued until no targets are needed anymore. As at latest stage, the vaccinations are slow and less than half that of what Malaysia is doing. In fact, before end July, Malaysia will surpass them in vaccinations per population.

#4 – Country’s top leader conspiring with many other country’s top leaders to attach some UNVERIFIED branding to some weaker countries, labelling them as problematic or with Weapons of Mass Destruction (in the end found absolutely nothing!) and yet NO system in those countries were able to check and balance those views. They just accept whatever the leader say. That to me really are signs of a failed state.

Anyway, I could go on with even more examples but I just want you (yes that opinion writer in Bloomberg) to understand that if there are signs to a failed state, it’s usually starting with the top leaders of the country and all the outcomes which as come of it.

A failed state does NOT have the capacity to continue the effort to secure vaccines and push ahead from the bottom 25% of vaccinations per population in the world to over 300,000 vaccinations per day in July and this is not even the final target. The final target is to be even higher! No vaccines how to jab yeah… (earlier few months)

A failed state does NOT have the capacity to have Moratoriums almost immediately when needed and another Moratorium again when it’s needed again. By the way, a moratorium can ONLY be done if the banks are strong; the financial system is intact and strong and with sufficient reserves. NOT even many developed nations could do this. Let’s not talk about soon to be failed state or some failed state ranked at the bottom.

Happy understanding and I wish to reiterate that I am not staying in a failed state. Stop equating what you think politically (which can be a failure) with Malaysia (which is a total of all good Malaysians and not just the political scene).

The politicians are bad, good, stupid and crazy, they are still the same. The reason is because majority of Malaysians kept voting based on party. When the party put up a fool, because he has the party FLAG, you voted the person. Then, when the person wins, you hope this FOOL will suddenly become your capable representative? Hello?

Imagine if all of us vote ONLY the capable people, all the parties would be forced to change and appoint capable people instead and not just fools who does not know much and kept following what the party says?! Anyway, this is not likely to happen. Every time I share this, people from BOTH sides have hundreds and thousands of reasons why their party is better than the opposing side. Whatever…

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