Investments? Minimising, Maximising and Solidifying

I have two kids. My wife is a “home minister”. When we got married, she told that vacations are IMPORTANT. So, I need to manage my expenses so that we still have some funds for travel. It’s important for me to ensure my investments are not speculative or overly risky. I really have a lot to lose if I really do lose. Investments aside, we should stay focused on our source of investments fund; career. I am often sad when my younger friends told that life is getting harder each day but in their hands were new smartphones. Either the S or the A branded ones. They also prefer to do the exact same job role and hope for better pay every year.
My personal opinion is that we should work hard and climb the corporate ladder. Nope, I am not talking about job hopping for a few hundred ringgit extra. I am talking about solid learnings and work experience so that our career is safe even during downturns. Invest a little to complete our Master Degree. Just be that one step ahead of the majority. PHD is however not necessary currently. Do we have skill sets which are not easily replaceable? Career management is the key to investment management. Without a comfortable base where we live comfortably, we would not be able to start concentrating in investments.
Oh yeah, one very important point is that if we are able to go up to the levels of top management, even if we do not invest, we would still live comfortably. Unless if we spend all that we earn, then it’s called back to square one. Salaries for top management? Sky is the limit, depending on the industry. When I moved to KL over 3 years ago, my wife asked about our financial position if she were to stop working. I told her we needed to do three things well. Minimise our expenditures, maximise what we have for investments and solidify my career so that we can live comfortably in a new city. I am still doing these three diligently today. Cheers.
written on 7 Oct 2016
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  1. Well done Charles. I agree with what you say.

    1. Thanks Mary. Let’s keep doing a good job in whatever role we are in today.

  2. That’s uber wise.
    Minimizing expenditures, maximizing savings and investments and solidifying career.
    Staying put means stagnating especially you have someone more senior than you also having the same thoughts. Moving means learning and experiencing different environments, skills and knowledge. Always leave an organisation in a happy manner because a day may come, when you return to occupy a more senior position.

    1. Very true Fred. Agree. Be a good employee regardless of where we go. As for returning to occupy a more senior position, that’s true! Haha.. Cheers!

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