Early bird gets the worm. Late bird gets nothing, at all?

They say early bird gets the worm. Well, what about late bird(s) then? Start the day early or start the date later? Are you someone who wakes up early and is ever ready to face the world or are you someone who sleeps more and feel more refreshed when you wake up?

early bird gets the worm

Late Bird Gets a Good Sleep!

We know the famous saying, ‘early bird gets the worm.’ It meant if we like to be the first to get the reward, we need to be the first to do it successfully. A good friend; Ikhram Merican who calls himself a Properneur and writes at this famous blog:livingspace.com.my posted in his instagram this quote of ‘early bird gets the worm.’ I cheekily asked, “what happened to the late bird?” He answered almost instantly, ‘late bird gets a good sleep.’ WOW… what a perspective and it got me thinking and now, writing.

Better late than never is not so correct

The ones who bought a property earlier may enjoy capital appreciation if the project is a successful one while someone who bought much later may skip the risk of that township did not flourish. In other words, buying earlier may have higher returns but also higher risks too. Buying later may enjoy a lower capital appreciation but would also a lower risk too since he is buying into a more mature neighbourhood which is now favoured by many.

Investing into an unknown stock may mean earning huge price appreciation if that stock happened to be a company which soon become a blue-chip. Buying later means one may be buying into a blue-chip with a stable dividend returns. Same company, just purchased at a different time for a different purpose. By the way, that person who bought much earlier could have sold the stock when its price reached a very attractive return.

Buying early may also mean paying more!

What’s the difference between buying that latest handphone when it’s just launched versus buying it 6 months later? Specifications wise, it’s the same. However, buying earlier meant everyone thinks of the owner as a star… for a few days. Come on, after 2 weeks, no one would bother about your new phone. Buying 6 months later will usually meant a lower price but perhaps by then it’s a very common model already, so no one would be so mesmerised with your new phone.

By the way, I do not need to talk about the outlet stores or warehouse sale… right? Yeah, buying earlier means you get to flaunt what you bought way earlier than everyone else. Buying later? Well, still got the style lah but the price we pay would be lower because a new design may have arrived and the older design needs to be put into clearance sale to make space for new designs.

Late bird gets a good sleep. (better than early bird gets the worm??)

Please continue to be the early bird if you believe early bird catches the worm. At the same time, if you prefer to have a good sleep instead and then later eat something else for breakfast, feel free to do so too. Variety and diversity makes the investment world such an interesting world. I will remember this phrase for a very long time if not forever thanks to my cheeky question and an equally cheeky answer.

There are no LATE birds in property investment

My parents bought their semi-detached home in Ipoh for RM85,000. They bought their first semi-detached for less than half of that in Teluk Intan. No need to guess the years… I bought my first apartment for RM123,000. Who are the early birds here? Actually, if we start now and then stop and look back 15 years later, we were the early birds too. Trends will continue to change. Circumstances too. This is why we need to be a clever bird… Happy deciding whether early bird or late bird.

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  1. LOVE the content. An eye opening.

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