Durian? Ang Bak Kia (ABK) and more from a small family orchard (70 years+ trees).

I am a durian lover. To those who are not, skip this yeah. For the durian lovers in Penang, do read on yeah. Buy your favourite King of Fruits and have it delivered to you. This is a small orchard, so while fruits last okay. Daily limited supply. Only for Penang island yeah. Have it delivered to you with a purchase of RM80++. The price is between RM15- 45 per kg. They have many varieties including Ang Bak Kia (ABK), Red Prawn etc. All these trees are 70 years or older. Message him here.

This is my good friend’s family orchard in Penang. As natural and as organic as it could get yeah. (click here for the fb page) Every year, my family would definitely order without any fail and this year, with the COVID-19, they offer delivery too. My sister just ordered today and I think good things should be shared.

Here’s the link to Ang Bak Kia (ABK) yeah. Contact him to buy and get it delivered to you yeah. Don’t ask for discount lah. This is a family orchard and now is already a tough period. Happy buying and eating.

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