Damansara North? Glamour name for Damansara Damai

wpid-img20140714202924.jpgAlthough I think positively of Damansara Damai a lot since I am staying there, I did not want to write too much about it. In fact it’s a tough time answering questions such as, ‘where is Damansara Damai?’ ‘It’s a big jam right?’ or even ‘It’s so far away, do you have to wake up very early?’ Few days ago, TheEdge Property did a long article about Sri Damansara and Damansara Damai. Since they have written, let me summarise some of their points and will add a few points since I have now stayed in Damansara Damai for the past 1 year and a half. Before Damansara Damai, I stayed in Kelana Jaya. Their article started by reiterating the most important rule in property investment; location. A great location is one that is close to an urban centre and has great connectivity. It should also be mature enough and yet still have room for growth. It then said that in the Klang Valley, only a few areas could fulfil these criteria. They are Bandar Sri Damansara and Damansara Damai, also collectively known as Damansara North. At least now, one well-known publication agrees with my views too.
Other summaries:

  • Damansara North is 10km away from the well-established PJ
  • 8km from growing Sungai Buloh. (Yes, RRIM too for future proofing)
  •  Linked by several highways – Lebuhraya Damansara–Puchong (LDP), Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Kuala Lumpur–Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR)
  • Average price slowly moving upwards; RM214 per sq ft to RM298 per sq ft today.
  • Damansara Damai is next to Jalan Sungai Buloh to the north, Sutera Damansara to the south, Bandar Sri Damansara to the east and Saujana Damansara to the west.
  • Damansara Damai offers more low and middle-cost high rises
  • Damansara Damai has ONLY one exit, causing a serious traffic jam in the area.
  • Lots of choices within RM150,000 – RM200,000 in basic walk-up apartments today in Damansara Damai.
  • More developers are coming in, including OSK Property Holdings Bhd with a 100-acre gated residential development called Sutera Damansara.
  • Jaya Megah Building & Engineering Sdn Bhd is coming up with The Zizz, a 26-storey residential development
  • In future, there is the Damansara Damai (MRT) station
  • Two more within Damansara North include Sri Damansara West and Sri Damansara East.
  • New MRT Sungai Buloh line is only a few kilometres away.
  • Upgrading of Jalan Sungai Buloh and the Kwasa Land development (Kwasa Damansara) in Sungai Buloh.
  • Rental yields for high-rise homes in Sri Damansara ranges between 3% and 4.9%,
  • Rental yields for Damansara Damai ranges between 4.5% and 7% in Damansara Damai. (Higher than FD…..)
  • This yield may drop as there are more incoming supply high-rise units.

IMG20140606075011 copyLet me tell you my usual schedule on a weekday if I do not go to the gym earlier. My office is somewhere in Jalan Sultan Ismail. My alarm clock is set at 655am. After a shower, I leave my home at 720 am. I take the NKVE, exit at Duta toll and then take the Jalan Parlimen to arrive in my office at between 820 – 830 or earlier, most of the days. Please tell me if there are any other awesome areas (10km away from KL city centre) where people can leave at 720am and yet not face a worst jam than me leaving my Damansara Damai home? Actual distance I travel one way? 22km.  The point I am making is NOT to say who has worst traffic. I am telling you that despite 22km away, the time I take versus the much closer areas are not too different. Not forgetting, at lower price points too.
The Edge Full article here: Damansara North ready to shine.  As for buy or not, do not worry, there are lots of other areas that everyone should consider. Especially for those who just love the usual areas or places where the distance is nearer than the 22km mentioned above? Happy reading and investing.
written on 12 Dec 2015
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  1. How is the traffic after the 2nd exit to NKVE is ready?

    1. kopiandproperty.my avatar

      I guess it is not a great benchmark since it’s still MCO. However, during days when it was before MCO last year, I usually leave home 730am and will arrive in office (downtown KL) by 830am for 90% of all working days. I am not sure how many other congested areas which could allow someone to leave at 730am… As for coming back in the evening, traffic is even better, there’s DUKE. cheers.

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