Crisantha: A home sweet home which is also a resort at the same time.

[Paid Review] Crisantha: A home sweet home which is also a resort at the same time.

Do we remember the time when a home and a resort were two different places? A home is where we go back after work, watch some TV and sleep. We would continue to repeat this. These days, please do expect more from a landed home. Lots of greens, purpose-built facilities and most importantly, a contemporary design and it’s a secured enclave home too for safety and peace of mind.

A stylish Resort Homes

A resort is meanwhile reserved for a holiday. Usually, we would only go to a resort a few times every year. Now, there is an opportunity to enjoy both at the same time. Crisantha is a resort home within the award-winning Bandar Sri Sendayan. Here, we can expect a stylish home with a fine design and with lots of community facilities too. These facilities include a pavilion, BBQ plaza, jogging track, playground, multipurpose court, viewing deck and it’s also very close to the d’Tempat Country Club.

Not all landed homes are built the same

Do we believe just any landed property is good enough? These days, just a green grass field is no longer sit’s best to typical landed home is not usually designed to look like a resort with that welcoming entrance with well-trimmed row of plants welcoming us when we drive in. The many facilities which our kids and even our parents who come visiting could enjoy? A purpose-built path for the parents to walk comfortably?

All these within a secured environment?


What’s a secured environment?

Crisantha is a secured neighbourhood and it comes with CCTV surveillance too. Everyone entering or exiting would require an access card and all the homes are equipped with voice intercom and even a security alarm system too.

Crisantha’s clubhouse is a 5-Star Clubhouse; d’Tempat Country Club

d’Tempat Country Club is a completed and fully functional clubhouse. Within this clubhouse, we could enjoy a complete range of facilities and even continue to have a healthy lifestyle too. These facilities include badminton courts, tennis courts, squash courts, Olympic-sized swimming pool, aqua gym, snooker room, spa and more.


Cars and conveniences: a home width of 24 ft

When we look at newer landed homes today, the typical width would be 20 ft and sometimes, to price the home even lower, then the width could be as low as 18 ft.  Is 18ft home enough to park two cars side by side? The answer is a Yes. A typical Segment C car, with both doors shut would require a width of around 6 ft. Thus, a home with two cars parked side by side with both doors shut and enough space to open the door for one of the two cars meant that 18 ft feels tight.

Crisantha’s width is 24 ft. We could park two segment C cars easily with lots of space to spare as well. If truly needed, it’s possible to park another small sized car too. 

Crisantha is situated within Bandar Sri Sendayan (important fact)

When we are choosing a landed home, we need to consider very seriously the township which that landed home is situated in as well. Look around and we would understand that not all townships are the same. Crisantha is located within Bandar Sri Sendayan which is an award winning township. It has also won a number of accolades.

Within Bandar Sri Sendayan, there is already the Sendayan Merchant Square, Sendayan X-Park, Matrix Global Schools, SJK © Bandar Sri Sendayan, SMK Bandar Baru Sri Sendayan, Sendayan Techvalley and more. Total population is estimated to be over 40,000  currently. And projected to have approximately 100,000 residents upon its completion. This is a mature township which is still growing today.


Crisantha has an easy access to Seremban 2 which is just 7km away from Bandar Sri Sendayan. Crisantha is also just a comfortable drive away to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and KLIA2. It’s also easily accessible via the North-South Expressway (PLUS), Seremban-Port Dickson Highway, KLIA Linkage and the proposed Senawang-KLIA Expressway too.

Now, let’s look at Crisantha’s specifications

It is a 2-storey linked home (24 x 70) with built-up from 2,863 sq.ft. Take a look at the modern look as below: (If we park just two cars…)


If we are looking for a family home, the one which we could stay in and enjoy for a long time to come, this maybe it. If we want to buy a resort home within an award-winning township, then Crisantha is worth a closer look too. Drop by, drive around, ask the sales people lots of good questions, Due diligence is always necessary as this is not like buying vegetables from the market yeah.

If you prefer to get them to call you and arrange for an appointment, fill up the form here.


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