Covid-19 situation based on new cases and deaths

Covid-19 situation based on new cases and deaths.

Potential for lockdown, again?

A close friend was telling that there’s a potential for lockdowns with the Omicron variant. Let’s just say I do not wish to debate on whether this will happen. My wish is for us to continue to contain the situation instead of just slapping a blanket lockdown like previously. It’s just too devastating for everyone and the economy too. By the way, masks remain one of the most important measure thus far. Just look at the countries where masks are NOT necessary to understand what is happening with the Omicron.

Vaccination vs infection?

By the way, daily new cases continue to show an increase. Just need to look at the below data as at 5th January 2022. In fact it does look extremely scary too. However, look deeper and we need to realise that vaccinations have restrained the effects from the Covid-19 infections tremendously. If the question is whether the vaccinations could stop infections effectively, the answer is an easy one; NO. However, do look at the next chart yeah.


Vaccination vs deaths

Meanwhile if we look at the daily deaths. Same date as above. As at 5th January 2022. We can see that the daily deaths remain almost the same or even showing a lower number if we were to compare this to August 2021 period. There is thus no question about it. Please just go and get vaccinated and also get that booster shot when you have received your appointment. When numbers clearly show this trend, stop listening to some sxxxxxx viral news which you receive and usually have no source.


Keep our loved ones safe

Thank you for your kind action. If you like to also show people actual numbers, please feel free to share this article too. Take care and please remember that the face mask is not just to save you. It’s to save all your loved ones because if you are infected and your body is strong, you will be okay. Others who live with you may not be so lucky. Thank you in advance on their behalf.

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