Corporate Leaders Forum – Leadership in the Pandemic Era & Beyond

Public Message for Toastmasters International District 51

Covid-19 changed many things. It changed our working place. It changed our behaviors. It changed how we interact with all our family, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances. It has changed the our world and it will be lingering around for some time more.

What it does not change is the need for leadership especially during tough times. As they say, when the goings get tough, the tough gets going. Whether we are leading a family, a company or a small team, with all these changes come the need for us to lead and communicate.

Leadership has become vital. How do we lead ourselves, our loved ones, our people and influence positively? In times of darkness, do we grapple in the dark or do we become the light instead? This is a forum where our invited panelists will share a topic of great importance. “Leadership in the Pandemic Era and beyond.

Young aspiring leaders will benefit by getting a head start for gaining new insights on the potential leadership opportunities for their future career advancement. While those currently leading teams will be able to consider the different options and perspectives that may be relevant to their circumstances.

Do not miss out on this forum. It’s not easy to get all these 4 panelists into the same forum.

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Thank you making the world a better place by becoming a better leader and communicator.

Charles Tan, DTM

Club Growth Director Elect (Term 2021 – 2022)


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