Health is wealth. Go conquer Mount Kinabalu. 

I think some readers of may have noticed that postings were not daily for past few days. Haha. I went on a 5,000 calories hiking. Did not bring my trusted Macbook along. Before we can enjoy our wealth, we need to have our health. True, yeah? In November 2016, I was 83kg, going towards 84kg. By June 2017, I have reduced it to 74kg. All these because I realised my kids were too little (young..) while I am getting old. Must make sure I stay healthy. So, what can we do which pushes us to our limits? Yet not too expensive like an Europe trip. With views so amazing that made us realise Malaysia is truly blessed? How about climbing Mount Kinabalu. For those avid climbers, they may even say this is a piece of cake! Not me lah. I still think this is tough.
Since I am writing this, it meant that I have succeeded, for the second time. It was tougher this time I felt. My first time was 7 years ago. Look at some awesome photos to motivate you to go for it just like me.

familiar? 😛

clouds beside us

lonely platform above clouds

breaking dawn

proof lah…

For those of us who are like me, it is really time to be healthier. As for the tips on the climb, do follow this link here. Mostly are applicable. Oh yeah, my personal tip is that we need not be extremely fit but mental strength is much needed for the second part. Keep energizing yourself with concentrated fruit juices or energy bars. Take it slow, keep motivating yourself or climb with someone. It helps. This time, I had 8 awesome people with me and the success rate was 100%. As they say, never say never but for now, I do not think the 3rd climb up Mount Kinabalu would happen. Cheers.
written on 29th June 2017
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  1. Yes. Health is the fundamental of everything. Without it all is lost. Congrats on your successful climb. As a vegan, i would like to advocate the consumption of more natural plant foods. They are the best source to good health. We are what we eat!

    1. Yeah, I try to have more vege these days too. But I am still a carnivore.. 🙂

  2. Chiew Ping avatar
    Chiew Ping

    Yeah, mental strength is a must and good companion too 🙂

    1. Agree!! A companion who motivates and challenges one another. Plus take photos with meanings!

  3. Congratulations Sir. Yes health first then only property.

    1. Haha… Yes. Health first. then Property.

  4. Shuner avatar

    Well done, Charles.
    I’ve climbed two times also.

    1. Wow!! Congrats to you too Shuner. Awesome.

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