China to Singapore through Malaysia with High Speed Rail. 12 hours?

Rail is amazing, especially the high speed ones. I loved it so much when I travelled from Tokyo to many other cities until I reached Fukuoka, all via bullet trains. It’s smooth and on time every time except when the earthquake and tsunami came. Yes, I was in Japan at the same time in 2011. I reached home safely few days after as Air Asia continued flying while all the rest of the airlines have stopped. Fortunately, earthquakes are not expected to happen in Malaysia. Rail does not just connect. It helps to generate economic activities along all the stops that it stops, something not possible by plane. Property prices, typically would be better along these stops too. Therefore, I think trains, especially bullet train from China to Singapore within 12 hours should happen! Why not? Well, unless the KL – Singapore High Speed Rail is built by other manufacturers and not from China. Then, this plan may be delayed.
Seriously, have you ever travelled by train before? Even Malaysia’s own ETS service? From Ipoh to KL. You should. It’s smooth and you know its much safer than the express bus or even if you are the one driving because sometimes, we are just too tired to concentrate enough. Reported in an online media, CCTV reported that the Chinese government has been quietly lobbying Thailand for an approval to link Kunming all the way to Singapore, via Thailand. With High Speed Rail, it will take just 12 hours to reach Singapore. The lobbying includes funding for the project too. Something like Penang’s Second Bridge which was built by the China Harbour Engineering and the funding was by China.
maps of worldWhat if this really happen? Well, if this really happen, then the northern alignment would continue from Kuala Lumpur along Ipoh till Butterworth and onwards to Hattyai. Imagine KL – Haatyai in 2 hours. 🙂  You can go for a real Thai Tom Yam soup before coming back for Hainan Kopi O with your friends in Kuala Lumpur, within half a day. How to have this happening? Well, another China firm may be the missing link when the tender is called next year; China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Ltd. It has developed the HSR system and is currently running on over 11,000km within China. Well, Hattyai till Singapore is ONLY less than 900km. Haha. Think about it.
Yes, I love international airports as it links Malaysia to the world and the world to Malaysia. I love high speed rail because this is where real travelling for the masses can begin to happen and for an even deeper and closer integration to start happening in this part of the world we call Asia. It is after all the new engine of the world and it will continue to be for a long time to come. Largest, Second largest, 3rd largest economies within the next 20 years? Anyone who’s still thinking of USA may have the wrong answer. Let’s see then. 🙂
written on 25 Oct 2014
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