Casino in Iskandar, rumour yet again….?

Until today, there are still rumours that a casino would be built in Iskandar. This is despite the fact that the Johor MB said ‘negative’. Let me be honest, even if there’s a casino in Iskandar, I would still visit the ones in Singapore first. Maybe because at this point in time, there’s not a lot to visit in Iskandar yet as compared to Singapore. Maybe because I have not been to Singapore for over a year. However, if there’s a casino in Iskandar, would I support? Answer is Yes. I believe firmly in new development. Yes, it’s true that casino is not a good thing as it encourages gambling but be reminded, illegal gambling is many times much bigger than legalised gambling and the governments on both sides gained nothing from illegal gambling.
Casino is not the end but a catalyst. With visitors, more shops can open. With more shops, more opportunities will be available. All these meant an incremental effect to the whole economic growth of the whole area. International tourists would increase too, especially Singaporeans who actually can’t visit the ones in Singapore. Come on, get real. By not visiting the legalised casinos, who wants to tell me that NO Singaporeans gamble and NO Singaporeans ever bet money on football matches amongst friends. If you think so, great. I love your view even if it is far from the truths.
Casino means more taxes and more developments. Everyone wanted more public facilities. Everyone wanted more parks. Everyone wanted it FREE. Unfortunately, until today no scientists has yet discovered how to grow money on trees. With more taxes, IF it is is used correctly, it helps to make the roads better, increase the lightings and thus reduced the potential for crime, more free parks with more facilities and thus much more quality time for families during weekends instead of just departmental stores all the time. This is certainly good for the society.
Yes, many would say casino is root of all evils. Money is also root of all evils. I do not agree and I always think PEOPLE, yes, you and me, we are the roots of all evil. Anyone and everyone should be following a set of rules, regulations and laws. This applies also to casinos. That was why Singapore allowed it to be built and yet does not allow its citizens to visit. This can also be implemented easily by following Singapore’s example. This meant that there’s already a role model on doing this right from the beginning. If you can’t visit or you should not visit, then PLEASE do not visit no matter whether there are regulations or not. I think those has been to casinos would know my meaning. I am not talking about Malaysians or Singaporeans. 🙂
Unfortunately I do not yet own any property in Iskandar. Hopefully in the near future, whether there’s a new casino or not.
written on 10 May 2014
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  1. kkeen avatar

    bro, regarding this casino in iskandar thingy, i won’t rule it out completely. as the saying goes…there is no smoke without fire. 🙂

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