Camp Cool, Times Square of Ipoh, Treetops and sustainable development

It’s me again, reporting about Ipoh. Do you know a good word to describe Ipoh? Timeless. Or another one, Nostalgic. How about two words? It’s called ‘sustainable development’. I mean until today, in all the major cities, which city has changed the least? Penang? KL? JB? Or even KK or Kuching or even Melaka! Some people say but that’s because Ipoh is slow. I beg to differ. It’s called ‘sustainable development’. How many times have you gone back to Ipoh and you can still find your favourite food stall? How many times have you gone back and feel Ipoh is always home always?
Ok, coming back to the latest three developments in Ipoh. All three are by Team Keris. This is quite a famous developer in Ipoh. Though not big nationally but it is a well known developer in Ipoh for sure. It recently launched Camp Cool, which is a landed property with extra privacy. This is because the house comes with basement parking lot. Yes, you park your car and go UP into your house. Team Keris executive chairman Datuk Lee Seng Hee said that he got this idea from Beijing and Shanghai. Besides this, Camp Cool is also a gated-and-guarded development and it is located on a freehold land off Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (Jalan Gopeng). The pricing is very interesting. It starts from just RM448,000 per unit. Almost same price with my 1,055sf condo in Kelana Jaya and RM200K cheaper than my condo in Penang which is just 1,258sf. Ipoh properties are still affordable. Not cheap definitely but still affordable.
Another project is Treetops. This is a development which would be featuring a green and well- landscaped environment. For this project, he is engaging a landscape consultant to create a conducive green environment for Treetops. It’s a freehold project built on a 5.3 acre land. The best part is, if you are buying Camp Cool, you can also buy a unit of Treetop as it is just next to Camp Cool.
Besides that, Times Square Ipoh is another project which is described as ‘suave, cool and sassy’. Personally, I am not so sure about any ‘Times Square’ named project because Times Square Penang I feel has not lived up to its hype and I was hoping that it can be much more grander than currently where the number of retail lots opened remained low. Times Square KL is fully occupied but because of my age, I feel it is not a mall to my liking. Perhaps younger people may like it more than me. I’d prefer a community mall with some good brands anytime over anything huge but not filled with shops I desire. Anyway, since this is in Ipoh, I would definitely be visiting it once it is completed and I do hope the retail mix would be what is suitable for me. Haha. I mean my age.
There should be continuous development in Ipoh but it’s best that it does not grow like Iskandar or even Penang. Then again I think it is not going to happen because… Ipoh does not have an international airport. No matter what happens though, Ipoh will remain my only hometown no matter how many years I have stayed in Penang or how many years I will be staying in KL. I am Ipoh mali. Cheers.
written on 16 April 2014
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  1. hello friend,
    u r a good writer. i never been to ipoh but through ur writtings i feel like i have been there ten times. thank you
    have u considered giving property advice, maybe offer 24/7 support for a competitive edge.
    good luck bro

  2. Hui Yi avatar
    Hui Yi

    Love the last sentence. Yup, I am Ipoh mali and always proud to be an Ipohan.

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