Buying yes. Moving yes, too?

It must be the first ‘buy, buy, buy’ scene for 2016. EcoWorld’s Semenyih project. Karisma Apartment at Eco Majestic. This is an affordable apartment of 800 sq ft and price starts from RM260,000 and every unit comes with 2 car parks. There are a total of 750 units housed in two blocks. Each unit three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Karisma has some of the usual facilities including a playground, multi-purpose court, swimming pool, children pool, public amenities area, grand guardhouse, surau and covered walkway to multi storey carpark. It opens for booking on 20th Feb 2016 and I think for the results, check out some of the online media. My sources told me that hundreds of units have been booked and the scene looked ‘full of eager buyers.’
eco majesticsI always think apartments are a great way to start owning a property. It’s cheap enough to buy and good enough to stay. My first apartment was just 730 sq ft, also with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I loved it and stayed for 4 years before upgrading to a 1,258 sq ft condo. I used the swimming pool for at least 6 times during those 4 years there. Haha. I think some buyers of Karisma may have the same thoughts as me. It was in Relau, also considered a secondary area within the Penang island. The only difference is that Relau is only 5-6km to the Bayan Lepas industrial park where majority of all the engineers are based in Penang. In other words, lots of interest.
I have a colleague who is already talking about the renovations to her landed home in Eco Majestic. It’s really her dream home with her husband. I have little doubt that lots of people would love to move to a majestic development and Eco Majestic certainly is. Just look at the image. It looks grand. Just google for some of the photos and you would understand my meaning. However, let’s be really objective, is everyone ready to move there within a few years’ time? The topic today is not about landed properties. We are talking about a 800 sq ft apartment and it’s 45km away from KL city centre. Those working nearby or those who are ready to move, do book soonest.
Personally? Know what we really want and not buy because our friends are buying. There are lots of other closer choices which are today already deemed as far. MRTs would however link some of these less popular choices of today. It may change the dynamics of these areas too. Read here: MRT stations will change the area dynamics  To all those who asked me about it, my question remains the same. Are you ready to move there? If you are, then by all means buy and try to coax a few more friends to buy too. Just do not buy simply because we intend to flip it for a huge premium when the keys are handed over. If it happens I am very happy for the buyers too. I alway think property investment is the best. Happy buying or loving or moving.
written on 20 Feb 2016
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