Buying terrace houses in Rawang below RM300,000

You are not joking right. There are no such landed properties available anywhere in Malaysia? Not entirely true. Let’s just look at Rawang which to many is too far off their radar in terms of properties. However, if you meet the three criterias below, hey you are in luck. There are really such properties still available in Rawang. Terrace houses for less than RM300,000!
rawangYou can refer to any online site. This one that I am referring to is iproperty. The three criterias are budget limitations, location limitations and neighbourhood limitations.
Budget limitations. Get real, you cannot even buy an apartment in many places in Klang Valley for this kind of price and yet here we are talking about a landed property which allows you to part two cars inside the house and one car outside the house and perhaps another car opposite your house. If you can only qualify for a RM300,000 loan, this should be one of the best choices you have already.
Location limitations. You do not care where you buy, as long as it is within 35km from city centre. Without any jams, you can breeze into the city centre within less than half an hour. Maybe even lesser. Oh, Rawang has got terrible traffic jams. Well, may I remind you that Bangsar has got jams. Mont Kiara has got jams. USJ has got jams. Hmm…. I think nearly every place has jams, be they near or far. Cheras is just few km from city centre but tell me honestly, how long does it take to reach office in the morning if you start at 8am? 🙂
Neighbourhood limitations. Great, you have such a budget and you want to choose your neighbourhood. FYI, when I bought my first apartment for RM123K, my friends said you are buying into a ‘bad’ neighbourhood. I stayed in that ‘bad’ neighbourhood for nearly 5 years before upgrading to another ‘not so awesome’ neighbourhood. Life or in this case, neighbourhood is what you make of it. Be nice to everyone.
Perhaps this may just be your best choice. Always remember, acceptance is better than tolerance. If you can accept the three limitations, you have just got yourself a LANDED property for below RM300,000.  If you cannot accept but merely tolerate, you will have a tough time. Please do not buy.
written on 3 march 2014
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