Buying HAUNTED properties?

I wrote about buying properties near cemeteries before and I explained that I have made that decision before and have gained from it. How about buying haunted properties? This one, I have not tried before. Searching online, for Malaysia I could not find any of such advertisements in both property or However, such advertisements can be said to be common in Hong Kong, a much more advanced real estate market when compared to Malaysia. Let’s imagine an advertisement stating, ‘the husband of the owner committed suicide in this property last year. Need to sell fast.’ Would you call? 🙂
hauntedLet’s look at  These advertisements are considered as just part of any real estate development. Note, even in Hong Kong there are no laws or regulations which said that the agents must tell you so much about the property. As long as the agent is not lying, then it is ok. In fact, these properties are typically sold lower than other normal properties. Or are they normal….? Haha.
To be honest, I do not think I would consider such a property if I happen to come across one. Then, I asked myself. What about 10% discount? No. What about 20% discount? No. What about 30% discount? Hmm…. I will take a look. I may still not buy but nothing wrong with taking a look.
What about you? Would you or would you not? Actually I think, it is possible to earn good money from this if the discount is good enough for us to get some professionals to help in ‘cleaning’ up the place, do some minor renovation including increasing the lighting and repainting before putting it back into the market. Alternatively, rent it out to people who’s not the same religion?
Real estate, full of possibilities. Who knows, in the near future when Malaysian real estate market reaches the level of Hong Kong real estate of today. Buying haunted properties may just be more common. Anyone?
written on 1 Feb 2014
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  1. Says it’s easy. I am a typical Chinese, even with good discounts up to 40%, I think i still not keen.

    1. hahahahahaha…. ok, ok. I agree 100% with you this time.

  2. If 40% discount, I will pick it up.

    1. Haha. If the ghost is from a different religion from the buyer’s, maybe some would take it up for 30% extra. 🙂

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