Buying a new home? Ask Why, not just WHERE.

Someone reminded me this important point recently. When we first thought of buying our first home, how many of us would ask ourselves, ‘where?’ Many would argue that the most important question is always ‘where’ and there is nothing wrong with this. After all, all property gurus would always say, ‘location’, ‘location’ and ‘location’, right? After the ‘where,’ why not ask ‘Why’? The reason why prices in certain areas are already very high is because it’s attractive for some reasons. Many times, the question is just a question of ‘why.’ When we have the answer to this question, our choices suddenly increase.
For example, if we say Kelana Jaya, ask why Kelana Jaya? Is it because our office is within Kelana Jaya and we wanted to be able to get to work and home as early as possible? If the answer is YES and we can afford, of course it’s best to buy close to the office. However, if the answer is that it’s near to the Kelana Jaya LRT station, then you are in luck, there are many more of such developments, some are even nearby MRT stations, a new attraction.
If the reason is that it’s nearby a favourite mall, then please understand that the number of malls are increasing. Thus, choices next to malls are also increasing as well. If you do not want to drive too far, then converting this distance into duration may reveal more choices. Understand the actual time needed. Further does not necessary mean longer driving time. Google Maps would be your best resource. With all the public transport availability you may also have a few more options too.
If the choice is due to preference for low-density, why not visit the high-rise developments with your agent during an afternoon at 5pm to look at the number of people using the swimming pool instead? Look at all the available facilities as well. Actually maintenance depends on the management. Some low density developments may be very badly managed and some so-called high density ones may have better maintenance. Visit and understand, not just look at the number of units and decide.
There are still many choices, both new launches and even secondary ones. According to some news I read, new launches would be continuing and the prices would continue to be attractive. This would be launched by the many state affordable homes such as RUMAWIP, Rumah SelangorKu as well as PRIMA and MyHome among others. Many of these choices would be at locations which would not be considered at all. However, think one step further, asking ‘WHY’ may reveal some good overlooked choices.
written on 10 Aug 2015
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