Good sales team / RENs increases the chance to close potential buyers. Equip them!

This article gives an idea to the sales and marketing heads of the potential of your people to close more sales or far fewer sales even if the sales team seems to be working hard or working long hours. This is even IF hundreds of people come to your show gallery every week because you have paid tens of thousands of ringgit to do mass exposure whether through offline or online media (social media for example).

Remember yeah, if we are selling a shampoo, a great social marketing campaign will do wonders. Potential buyers will just click, pay and get the product. The risk is technically extremely low or none. If it’s a property (regardless of your developer brand), any marketing ringgit you spend is just Building Awareness. The real deal is when these people who saw your campaigns drop by your gallery. Do they bring their cheque book along? Are you sure? So, the question is, are your people closing the sales or closing the door to potential sales. Some questions you may love to ask your current teams and the typical answers are as follows:

#1: Customer: This condo is on top and there is a mall and there are shops and also office units. Is this for residential or is this for commercial? Sales person: Wait, let me ask my senior. If I am not mistaken, it’s can be residential and commercial…

Do you still think the customer will have CONFIDENCE in whatever the sales person says after this?

#2 Customer: Wah, this project is very far away from the KL city centre. Sales Person: It’s not far at all. it’s just 50km or 1 hour away from the city centre!

Okay, so 50km or 1 hour is NOT far from the city centre yeah. So, what is far from KL city centre? Tanjung Malim or Tapah? 😛

#3 Customer: I come because of your price. Now you tell me the size which is smaller than 500 sq ft, how to stay for my whole family? Sales person: Uncle ah, with this price the size sure small lah… Some more this is a very good area, many people will buy one.

His points are good but his response is rude! Come on, how do you know this uncle does not have a son / daughter who’s single and may just be interested?!

These days, within one area, there are many developments which are being launched. It need not be the same time but as long as everyone is still selling, then the potential buyers would be visiting more than just one sales gallery yeah. Even if they ask me, I will tell them NEVER to just visit one sales gallery and make their decision.

Many projects may even have similar configurations. Nearby the MRT… Nearby one popular mall… Nearby an international school… Infinity swimming pool… Floating gym overlooking the pool… 900 vs 950 vs 1,000 sq ft… 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms… AWARD WINNING development… very well connected to the expressway… I think all these would sound very familiar to everyone right? If this is the case, then what’s the real differentiating factor then? That final connection lah; a good sales person or a good Real Estate Negotiator.

Just remember yeah, IF reading the brochure alone can sell, then why need sales people and why pay them commissions? Why not just print very nice brochures so that the potential buyers can read by themselves then? IF just advertising alone can sell all units, then why are so many projects still selling even after spending hundreds of thousands on advertisements on mass media both offline and online?

Happy understanding that equipping your sales team or your appointed RENs will be key to selling more units. With the current slow market, it may still take some time but imagine if we continue to attract more people to come to the gallery but our sales team continue to have super low conversion rates… That would be disastrous. Oh yeah, if you can read until this point, it means you are in the management of the sales and marketing team. Feel free to write in to us and ask for an overview of ‘Effective Selling and Handling Objections workshop.’ Form as below:

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