Bank, Law, Tax (BLT) Series: Property Outlook 2016

BLT9116x2When Miichael told me about his Bank, Law, Tax (BLT) seminar series, I told him that this is useful to help give more knowledge to potential investors. It should be done on a continuous basis. The reason is because besides the sharing, it should also continue to provide updates from all the changes in the industry. Property investment should be a continuous learning journey. In his BLT Seminar, he has two other experts who will be joining him.
Chris Tan is a lawyer and the founder and now Managing Partner of Chur Associates. I have listened to him a few times and his speech is always very interesting despite law being such a serious topic. Richard Oon is TY Teoh International national tax director and he speaks regularly on everything about tax. I think it is important for any investor to understand the tax implications because some of these can be very high! Miichael Yeoh was once a banker and is today a mortgage guru sought by many people on an important topic; mortgage loans.
The next BLT series would be 9th January (9am – 6pm) in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. The topic is ‘Property Outlook 2016, the BLT Perspectives.’ Within this series, they will share about their views on the property market outlook for 2016, the impact of regulations and strategies to use moving forward. The investment is pretty minimal. RM99 per pax or RM116 per two pax. Click here to know more: BLT Seminar Series  Happy learning.
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