My one bigger lah, landed vs condo, does it matter?

Which is bigger? 20 x 60 double storey terrace or a 1,743 sq ft condo? Truth is, I do not care much what’s the answer. I am still sticking to my personal favourite which is bigger-sized condos and not the smaller sized landed. If you say a 20 x 60 landed is bigger, then by all means buy the landed and enjoy it. My good friend who specialises in buying landed properties loves landed and I think he would have his own reasons why landed is a better investment. He has moved from a smaller landed property into a bigger landed property this month. I have moved a few times from my first 700 sq ft apartment to my current 1,743 sq ft condo. Hey, we have something in common! Yes, both of us are moving into something bigger, irregardless of the type of property.
This brings us to the question of which type is better? Landed should be better right? Haha. If I am staying with my family, I want to have a park which I can take a stroll anytime I want. I would like a park where my daughter can cycle safely, within some paid protection. Both types can provide this, especially the newer gated and guarded schemes where the club house and gardens are very common. The only setback would be the distance and the price. It is most probably either in a new area not loved by many yet or if it is in a popular area, the buyers are considered very rich.
I also want to have sufficient space to park my cars. At least 2 or more depending on how many drivers there are in the house. This requirement can also be solved by both types. Of course, the landed supporters would say they are better as they can even park the car right outside the gate or along the road leading to their homes. Truth is, I have had relatives and friends visiting me at the same time and ALL of them were able to park inside because the visitor car park spaces within my condo is really huge, plus every unit already comes with 2 car parks too.
I also want it to be near malls. This is because I love visiting malls. This is where the high-rise people would claim they are better. Some high-rise are just a lift and perhaps a few steps away from a mall. As someone who only owns high-rise, I would say I agree only partially. I would not want to visit the exact same mall every weekday followed by every weekend! Secondly, during working days, I would most probably be eating my dinner before coming home. Thus, a mall or no mall makes little difference.
I want to have more rooms. Long time ago, high-rise were mostly smaller sized. Thus, number of rooms are also fewer. Today, there are already condos which are so big they can fit 5 rooms or more! It depends on the size that you buy. A 700 sq ft apartment definitely can only fit 3 rooms at max but a 1,743 sq ft condo may easily fit 4+1 rooms! The rooms may even be bigger than the 20 x 60 landed unit that we spoke about in the beginning.  Please enlighten those who said landed meant more rooms.
I will not touch on safety, on MRTs or even BBQ facility as both sides have their own points. The most important point is today, ‘what’s your home sweet home size.’ The rest are all secondary because it can be fulfilled some how when we are buying the right property regardless of type. Still disagree? No one would stop you from issuing a cheque for that 20 x 60 unit just as no one has ever stopped me from buying a high-rise instead of a landed. Yes, that’s why both are still growing and why the right size and right location meant high prices. Demand and supply is true for both types. Happy deciding, whether it’s a 20 x 60 landed or a 1,743 sq ft high-rise.
written on 28 Sept 2015
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  1. I love the idea of condo living, however I detest having to pay maintenance fees for however many years (can only complain if quality of maintenance drops and having to abide by the management’s rules of renovation ( often dominated by a cut throat on site contractor). I also dislike some condos where the parking bays are in a totally seperate building from the units. After a long day of work, really don’t fancy walking so far towards the comfort of home. Therefore, still prefer landed as a primary home.

    1. Valid comments Mei. I love condo because of facilities.

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