Measure of a ‘better’ city? Cinemas.

Perhaps 4 years ago, I had a ‘debate’ with a Penangite who said Ipoh is nothing more than a sleepy hollow and that given a choice no one would stay there. In fact her sister who is working in Ipoh said there is nothing in Ipoh beyond just ‘Nga Choy Kai’. I asked her to define a good city to live in. She said many points which I rebutted point by point that Ipoh has them too. Things such as great food varieties, nice places to visit and even medical infrastructure and more. In my articles everyone would see that I have never said Penang is not a good city to live in. However, to provide a typical reply about Ipoh, you better have much more stronger points. Ipoh is DEFINITELY not a sleepy hollow.
Well, another measure which all of us did not notice all these while would be the cinemas. Yes, cinemas. All those mumbo-jumbo terms about how awesome the cinemas are would tell you if the city has the best or just the basic one. Recently, Ipoh has one new addition to its cinema scene; the first ever GSC Maxx built with the first multi-dimensional cinema audio technology – Dolby Atmos. If you still do not know what is this, me too. However, do note that this is the FIRST ever in the NORTHERN region. Well, so much for any argument when it comes to cinemas until Penang has it as well. For now, for the best experience from a GSC cinema, drop by Ipoh. It is also the first cinema in the ENTIRE GSC chain to be equipped with a 4k projector for higher image resolution and brightness.
Okay, let’s be negative a bit. Perhaps this is because they needed to ensure the technology is working well before they move it to Penang? I think this is the real reason because you do not normally use your larger market to test anything new, do you? Let me provide three real reasons why Penang is a better city than Ipoh, at least for now. An international airport sets the two cities apart tremendously. You can drop by Penang from many more cities and countries versus Ipoh. Second reason is because of the electronics manufacturing. Penang is already growing non-stop when the first bridge was completed and Bayan Lepas Industrial Park started. Ipoh is nowehere near despite having some international manufacturing setups. Third reason is Penang is considered a hotspot for urbanisation while Ipoh is merely the main city for Perakians from smaller towns. Yes, even as a loyal Ipohan, I can still be very objective and tell you three reasons which has contributed to the reasons why people think more highly of Penang. However, one more sentence about Ipoh being a sleepy hollow or just for nga choy kai, you better be ready. Happy buying in Penang, sure. However, happy enjoying Ipoh. Yes, it’s true Ipoh is a great retirement haven too.
written on 19 Feb 2015
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