Virtual Teatime Talk: How to Choose the Best Digital Solution for Leads-to-Sales Management (Yes, they invited me to share too)

Can all the sales process be completed online? Actually, answer is Yes since many years back. We could even sign our documents online and it’s even safer than someone forging your signature on a piece of document. Can we view the actual unit without going to the sales gallery? The answer is also a Yes. However, the question is always, can property sales be all done online and are ALL the buyers ready for this transition? We will speak about this next 2nd July 2021 at 3-4pm.

They did not send me the questions yeah, so I could not prepare. However, this topic is something which I have been sharing, so I guess I could share what are my thoughts. By the way, they did not pay me and I did not pay them. Plus the fact that I am NOT part of ProSales, I am also not part of any property developer and I do not even have a Real Estate Negotiator (REN) tag, so I will just speak from a property investor point of view yeah.

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Message from the Organiser as below:

Topic“How To Choose The BEST Digital Solution For Leads-to-Sales Management” ProSales Virtual Teatime Talks Ep.4

Description: PROSALES SOLUTION 2.0


Knowing the challenges of the property development journey ProSales has developed, with several strategic partnership, a ONE-STOP-APP which is helping developers in resolving most of their challenges! In this episode of our virtual teatime talk we will see what our Experience Creators have in their basket for you:

Inbound Virtual Marketing TO CONTACTLESS Leads-to-Sales Digital Solutions

Hear directly from the words of our digital marketing partners, bloggers and experience creators how to win the heart of buyers, get them to enquiry and easily place a booking!


ProSales Solutions 2.0, the new innovative digital platform developed to make YOUR project successful, YOUR buyers satisfied and helping YOUR brand strong and long-lasting!*


Jul 2, 2021 03:00 PM in Kuala Lumpur

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