Balik Pulau properties – ‘I cannot accept’.

‘I cannot accept Balik Pulau’ I remember this guy clearly from a property show some time back when I was with my previous company. He was browsing through Penang properties via a notebook provided and he clicked ‘Balik Pulau’. So, I went up to him and casually asked, ‘Thinking of Balik Pulau properties?’ He said, ‘I cannot accept Balik Pulau’. I smiled and said, ‘happy browsing’. He continued to look through the properties in Balik Pulau and continued to show negative face expressions. Have you come across such situations before? You hate something and yet you continue to search information about it? The real reason why you are searching for additional information is to justify why you hate that something.
I remember an argument with a friend who said Gelugor is MANY times better than Sungai Ara. She said Gelugor to bridge is just 15 minutes. Yeah, perhaps it is but today, Sungai Ara is 15 minutes away from the first Bridge as well as SECOND BRIDGE. Quite glad that I was able to think rationally and objectively; the second bridge may take a bit of time but it will be completed. Until today, I do not believe there is such a thing as a bad area. Don’t believe me? Try buying one of the landed properties just a stone’s throw away from the Penang Prison. Don’t tell me that’s a GREAT area? Yet, the prices are crazily high. Those who bought earlier must have been criticized like crazy, why did you buy next to the prison!?
balik pulauComing back to Balik Pulau. I do not own a Balik Pulau property, yet. However, these days, I am very open to the idea of owning a nice property in Balik Pulau. No, not for rental. That would be negative but for own stay, yes I would. I seriously feel that Balik Pulau today is just like when I first started to buy Sungai Ara. The main catalyst in Sungai Ara was when a few developers began to seriously develop good new products. Are these developments happening in Balik Pulau too? Some names that you may want to find out more. Botanica CT, The Garden, Orchardia, Prestige III, Sierra Pinang, Springtide Homes and even SP Setia which owns a piece of land there too. I do not believe one SP Setia can bring up the whole Balik Pulau. However, there are certainly reasons why out of so many places in Malaysia, they chose to also own a piece of land there.
written on 3 March 2014
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